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Louis Tomlinson can’t censor Harry Styles love and Nick Gordon disappears

From the very beginning of One Direction, fans have speculated that there’s something more than friendship between Louis and his band mate Harry Styles.

One Direction time off lasting even longer and Rob Kardashian shows off his work

While the boys of One Direction called their break a “hiatus,” it is now looking like their break is going to be much more permanent than they initially let on.

Harry Styles taking Zayn Malik’s lead and Kylie Jenner moving on up Tyga free

Apparently Zayn Malik isn’t the only One Direction alum that has decided to give a solo career a go. Insiders are now hinting that band member Harry Styles is gearing up to rebrand himself as a solo act.

Zayn Malik talks downside of going solo & Kim Kardashian joins brother Rob’s weight loss journey

Thousands of screaming girls, million dollar paydays, and trips around the world – undeniably there are plenty of perks when being part of a boy band. However, former One Direction member Zayn Malik recently opened up

Julie Klausner feels Zendaya’s Wrath & Ellie Goulding joins One Direction & Sam Smith hiatus

Often celebrities get body shamed for being too big, but this time around it was the exact opposite as actress Julie Klausner took aim at Disney star Zendaya.

Louis Tomlinson Directionless Custody Battle & Weight Watchers helps Oprah lose weight and money

It has only been one month since One Direction member Louis Tomlinson welcomed his son, Freddie Reign, into the world. However, even in this short amount of time he has already encountered issues with Freddie’s mom

One Direction ‘History’ remembers Zayn Malik & Kylie Jenners Fury with Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna Mix

What better a way to draw in viewers than including your ex-band mate in your music video? That’s exactly what boy band One Direction thought when they created the video for their latest single “History.”

Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus Officially back on & Louis Tomlinson finally talks baby

Over the holiday break, former fiancées Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus fueled rumors that they were back together after they were photographed hanging out in Australia with Liam’s family.

Kendall Jenner Harry Styles Romping Rumors Back & Kourtney Kardashian Needs Attention

As we enter 2016, many people are generating their annual list of personal resolutions they are hoping to follow through with. Unsurprisingly, numerous celebrities have taken to their social media pages to share with fans and followers what they are hoping to achieve in the New Year

Kendall Jenner Takes a Tumblr & Lindsay Lohan’s Family Issues

Louis Tomlinson is reportedly using the hiatus of One Direction to spice up his love life.

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Unveil Baby Girl for Christmas & Zayn Malik’s Gigi Hadid Problem

As One Direction leaves on their planned hiatus, former member Zayn Malik is gearing up to launch his solo career. Evidently, Zayn is under a lot of pressure to release quality music, especially after he has repeatedly thrown shade at his ex-band mates.

WATCH: Justin Bieber Spreads Joy to the World with Gold Tooth

It is not just women and cars that Justin Bieber likes to show off all over his social media pages, the young singer used Snapchat to show off his latest addition – a gold tooth!

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