Louis Tomlinson Directionless Custody Battle & Weight Watchers helps Oprah lose weight and money

louis tomlinson directionless custody battle 2016 gossip

louis tomlinson directionless custody battle 2016 gossip

It has only been one month since One Direction member Louis Tomlinson welcomed his son, Freddie Reign, into the world. However, even in this short amount of time, he has already encountered issues with Freddie’s mom (and former girlfriend), Briana Jungwirth. According to TMZ Louis and Briana were seconds away from heading to court to fight over custody and child support payments. These sudden legal troubles came about after Briana allegedly requested larger child support payments from Louis and was also drastically restricting the amount of time he was able to see their baby.

While Briana may be looking for more money from Louis, he has been fairly generous with her. Just a few weeks ago Louis gifted her a 3-bedroom home in Calabasas. However, it looks like Briana has set her sights on bigger and better things after she saw the $21 million Los Angeles home that Louis is currently renting for himself.

Fortunately, the two were able to come to a temporary agreement (and avoid going to court), in which Louis will have Freddie for several hours during the week – although he is still not allowed to have overnight visits with his newborn son.

Nonetheless, I think it’s safe to say that this temporary settlement is a short-term fix, and it most likely won’t be long before we see these two in court.

weight watchers helps oprah lose weight and money 2016 gossip

Just a few weeks back we reported Oprah’s impressive $12 million payday she earned from a promotional tweet she sent out about her experience with the diet and health company, Weight Watchers. Unfortunately, a lot has changed since then, and Oprah’s stake in Weight Watchers has gone the complete opposite, as the business mogul reportedly lost $24 million.

On Thursday Weight Watchers revealed that it had experienced a 21% drop in its fourth-quarter revenue. This prompted the company’s share price to fall over 27%. Thus, Reuters determined that Oprah’s equity stake in the company dropped in value by about $24 million.

Fortunately, taking into account the fact that Oprah is worth $3 billion, a mere $24 million is not even a 1% drop in her overall net worth. In addition, Oprah seems to be thriving on her new Weight Watchers regime, as she recently revealed she has lost a total of 26 pounds since starting the program…while still eating bread! Oprah’s best friend Gayle King has also made some impressive health progress with Weight Watchers, as a week ago she shared her 25+ pound weight loss with her followers on Instagram.

Oprah, Twitter post:

Gayle King, Instagram post:

gayle king weight watchers 2016

Moreover, I don’t think Oprah will be losing any sleep from this little blip in her otherwise fruitful investment. Plus if she really feels the need to get the company back on a more profitable path she can simply send out a tweet or two.