Kendall Jenner Harry Styles Romping Rumors Back & Kourtney Kardashian Needs Attention

kendall jenner harry styles romping rumors back 2015 gossip

kourtney kardashian gives her 2016 new years resolutions 2015 gossipAs we enter 2016, many people are generating their annual list of personal resolutions they are hoping to follow through with. Unsurprisingly, numerous celebrities have taken to their social media pages to share with fans and followers what they are hoping to achieve in the New Year. And of course, this includes the Kardashian girls.

On Wednesday, Kourtney Kardashian took to her app to reveal what her plans are for 2016. Although she claimed that she has never been one to make New Year’s resolutions, she goes on to explain that she has decided to do so, after all, that has happened in 2015 (recall: she split from long-time boyfriend and baby daddy Scott Disick).

In a post, Kourtney states a few of her top goals she is hoping to achieve. First, Kourtney explains she hopes “to live more in the present and less on my phone.” Second, Kourtney wants “to continue on the workout mission that  [she] started this year.” Lastly, she posted, “To refocus my priorities, making sure that ‘me’ is high on the list.” Along with a few other goals including to “travel and be adventurous.”

Meanwhile, Kourtney’s sister Kim also joined in on the resolution making. On her app, Kim also explained that she isn’t into making New Year’s goals and has never really “believed in them.”  However, like her sister, Kim did go on to explain a few of her resolutions for 2016 anyways.

In her post, she explains that she is determined to lose the baby weight she gained while pregnant with her newborn son, Saint. In addition, she revealed, “I’d also like to finish our home next year, so we’re working hard to make decisions and meet deadlines so it gets done.” Kim also proceeded to say she hopes to become more flexible in 2016, with one of her goals being to learn how to do the splits!

kendall jenner harry styles romping rumors back 2015 gossipMeanwhile, Kim and Kourtney’s half-sister Kendall Jenner may not be making resolutions. However, she is definitely fueling some romance speculation with her last getaway of 2015.

Over the past few days, Kendall has been spotted on the British Island of Anguilla with One Direction singer Harry Styles, in the Eastern Caribbean. On Tuesday, multiple witnesses posted pictures and social media posts regarding the two dining at a local restaurant called Blanchard’s.

Witness, Twitter post:

This isn’t the first time that the young celebrities have been bombarded with possible dating rumors. Back in 2013, Harry and Kendall were speculated to be a couple after they were photographed on multiple occasions together, including dining at The Nice Guy restaurant in Los Angeles, snowboarding on Mammoth Mountain and hanging out at an Eagles concert.

harry styles gay date with kendall jenner 2015 gossipI’m sure Harry Styles likes having the gossips focus on Kendall dating rumors than those that always keep coming back about he and one of his band members.

Recently, Kendall revealed on her personal app and website that she had been hospitalized for exhaustion due to overworking. Thus, she claimed she is making it a personal goal to give herself more downtime, which seems to be exactly what she is doing.