‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 215 North sets up Season 3 well

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Lessons learned from “Fear the Walking Dead” finale North.

Wrath comes with a price. Cool that Travis has sprouted a mean streak. Not cool that he seriously hurt an innocent man in Oscar with the door slam move.

So Travis gets hauled off to a makeshift jail inside the hotel. Maddie is upset, but has the sense to go finish off the zombie versions of Derek and Brandon before they fully turn.

Maddie wants Victor to stand with her, but as he says, the no violence idea was all hers. Hindsight is 20/20. Violence is a necessity now, and you can’t just ban that shit in a zombie filled world.

Victor is not interested in walking away from the cushy hotel like Alicia and Maddie are willing to do with Travis. He says he wouldn’t die for his lover Thomas, so he’s not about to die for them.

Dude probably likes the free HBO and all the alcohol he can put down at the resort anyways.

Maddie and her family took their leaving a bit slow. They planned on getting a fresh start in the morning and were allowed that privilege. But things got sideways with Oscar as his brain started to swell.

And his friends were trying to save him with a weed whacker and a Sawz-All. Not exactly the tools meant for brain surgery, even minor cranium repairs.

I thought we had seen the last of Emo Travis. Yet he started telling Maddie how dark he was now after the murders. She is not impressed. She’s kinda proud that she’s done worse!

Maddie is getting stronger and stronger. And is capable of leading this entire crew of survivors.

Well, bad news for Oscar fans. Dude died despite all the garden tools used to relieve the brain swelling. And his buddies want retribution. So they snatch Travis up from his comfy sofa and are ready to take him away.

Andres has other plans and wants to cap Travis right there in front of Maddie and Alicia.

He took too long though and ended up a casualty of the family when Alicia stabbed him in the heart.

Victor helps them get away from the hotel when he grabs the dropped pistol. But Victor can’t leave that continental breakfast behind. So he stays, thinking he can talk his way out of any trouble with the remaining survivors.

So Maddie, Alicia, and Travis are on the road. All this was caused by Travis not handling his business with Brandon’s crew before he lost his son to them. The bad boys ended up getting his son killed and caused the wrath that ended up killing poor Oscar. And now, Andres.

Maddie and company end up at the colony after getting clues at the abandoned Cartel Piggly Wiggly. All they find is…..

First, let’s get to what was going on with Nick. Luciana was propping up the nearly dead Alejandro. She wanted him to tell one more lie to rally the colonists. He does a nice job despite turning an ugly shade of death.

This man was great, even though the methods are questionable.

Nick still wants to leave the place before the drug dealers arrive to slaughter them all. Luciana is fine with that since he is just a “boy.” She tells him to “do what you do Nick, run.”

That “boy” comment cut him deep. Still, he ran!

But he returns after seeing some hope with a helicopter in the distance. He helps Alejandro get high and talks him into telling his people it is OK to run.

“You get to die a beautiful death,” Nick tells the dying leader. Nice way to convince a guy who did aspire to be a great man.

Nick is so good with people. He can weave his way in and out of any social situation.

When the drug lords arrive at the colony, they smell a trap, but figured all the people fled for their lives.

They slaughter the walkers blocking their way and take over the colony that is empty. They didn’t count on a nearly dead pharmacist seeking a samurai type death. And the colony flooded with walkers when Alejandro moved the bus to clear the way.

No way these dope pushers were gonna survive the influx of all those walkers. Machine guns or not. Too many undead.

We get to see the colonists on the move, with Nick leading them to the border and hopefully to a camp of some kind. As that happens, Maddie and crew show up at the colony to find no living thing. Death populates the village now.

But Nick’s mom finds hope when they locate Alejandro on the bus. He tells them about Nick and the others heading to the border. Alejandro is shown mercy by the survivors and ended up a great man after all.

As for Nick and his people, they see hope in the distance. But the two-hour walk didn’t get started good before they were ambushed by some mercenaries.

fear the walking dead nick under fire in north

Luciana is shot and her people scattered. She and Nick end up held at gunpoint by this well-armed group.

Nothing is easy in this world. Days earlier, they were enjoying life at the village. Now they are captives of some nasty people.

I’m guessing it will be up to Maddie, Alicia, and Travis to save the colonists and Nick. That will have to wait for next season though.

fear the walking dead finale nick with gun in face

This finale wasn’t on par with episode 14, but it put the show in a good place to resume with season three.

This show can never be what the original TWD is, but I am starting to care more about the characters. I want to see just how badass Maddie becomes, and Travis seems more human now that he lost his son.

Nick and Luciana’s relationship has me intrigued also. Hope she doesn’t flatline early in season three.