Fan Envy of the New England Patriots

Fan Envy of the New England Patriots 2017 images

Fan Envy of the New England Patriots 2017 images

What it must be like to live in New England and enjoy the success of the Patriots. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick just punched the franchise’s ticket to the Super Bowl.


It will be the seventh appearance for the greatest coach / quarterback combo in NFL history. The ninth for the franchise overall.

While Atlanta Falcons fans like me are ecstatic over our first Super Bowl trip since 1998, Patriots fans just assume they will need to pack for these trips yearly.

Season ticket holders likely have a suitcase marked specifically for “SB Vacation.”

The last time my Falcons had a shot at the Super Bowl Belt, the world was a totally different place.

– Bill Clinton was POTUS.

Donald Trump was not even a reality TV star.

– No SnapChat or Instagram existed.

– Frank Sinatra was still alive.

I can see how a fan base could be spoiled by this epic run  by the New England Patriots. Indeed, it’s human nature.

Likewise, fans in cities like Cleveland just get used to picking first in the NFL Draft. They expect to be losers on a yearly basis.

I have no idea when the Patriots will come back down to Earth either. Tom Brady is playing as well as ever. That’s a fact, not just some narrative tossed out like a bored in-game commentator.

tom brady mvp winner nfl week 16


Brady was as good as any QB in the League this year, and his team is once again one of two left standing. He ranked:

  • 2nd in passer rating.

  • 7th in TDs (in just 12 games).

  • 4th in passing yards per game.

  • 5th in completion percentage.

  • 1st in lowest interception percentage.

Many will point to the revenge factor of his DeflateGate suspension this year. Sure, the guy is still pissed about missing four games for a non-issue that may not have even happened at all. Yet, the most competitive player in the NFL didn’t need a reason to go after his fifth Super Bowl ring.

Getting one more than his childhood hero, Joe Montana, is reason enough for Brady. Oh, and the guy just kinda enjoys winning football games.

Speaking of Montana and the Niners. What the Pats have done is now clearly more impressive than any run by any other franchise ever.

tom brady takes patriots to super bowl 51 36 17 2017 images

That includes:

– San Francisco

– Dallas

– Pittsburgh

– Green Bay

This is not up for debate.

The Niners won five rings but with different coaches and two different quarterbacks. Brady and Belichick have now surpassed Frisco’s total trips to the big game.

Dallas, Denver, and Pittsburgh have eight SB appearances each. Yet their Super Bowl history stretches back to Super Bowls numbered in or near single digits.

patriots fans show support

In other words, Belichick and Brady have accomplished almost as much in 16 years as four historically elite teams have accomplished since their inception.

As a football fan, I have nothing but respect for the Patriots. I’m in awe of successful people in general and always try to break down how they became so.

Not to mention New England is a perfect fit for a bandwagon jumper like myself.

It’s hard to go wrong with the best quarterback in NFL history. Especially when he’s coached by the best football coach who ever lived.

This year I don’t need a bandwagon since my Atlanta Falcons have made it to the promised land also.

And as much respect as I have for the Patriots organization, a win over them would make Atlanta’s first Super Bowl victory all the sweeter.