CSI: CYBER Why-Fi Malware Doll Recap

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On this week’s season premiere of “CSI: Cyber,”Ted Danson debuted as Avery’s new FBI partner. He showed her cyber roaches that she could purchase. They then raced their electronic roaches through an obstacle course. Daniel Krumit inspected a shattered cell phone. The next morning he woke up at FBI headquarters and went to brush his teeth. He was thinking about his sister’s court trial for murdering her stalker. Nelson told Daniel that everyone was worried about him.

Daniel told the team he has accessed the database on the shattered phone and found the phone owner’s blood in the phone. The man was a victim of a home burglar. Daniel said the man’s home security system was hacked. The team determined someone hacked into the man’s P-Tech alarm system. They gave orders to get in touch with P-Tech Alarm company to let them know about the hack.

At the house that was broken into Avery said to grab the computer and other electronics to help them figure out what happened. She asked why the person hacked into the house’s alarm system just to commit petty larceny. They found an automatic vacuum cleaner in the house and tried it. It worked for 48 minutes before it stopped. This helped them determine that there had been a victim killed during the break in but they needed to figure out who.

The team got DNA from the blood they found on the cell phone. Daniel recovered a text message that gave them a background on the victim who was killed during the break in. They determined a young child was in the house when someone was killed. After arriving at the house they found the little girl, Ray, hiding in a bedroom closet. The little girl asked Avery where her daddy was. She told Avery daddy told her to hide if she ever saw someone strange in the house. Avery brought the little girl to the station and said her mommy said Avery could ask her questions. The little girl had a talking doll named Marla with her that she told Avery was shy. Avery asked the little girl how long she had been hiding in the closet.

They confirmed multiple P-Tech security breaches recently. The system was shut down and no one knew who did it. Avery asked Ray why the window of her dad’s house was unlocked. Ray said she was going to a slumber party where Marla couldn’t come with her, so Marla asked Ray to leave the window unlocked so she could go out and play. Nelson determined that a video game console in the house caught the last 20 minutes of the victim’s life on camera. The man had been playing an instructional golf game right before he was attached and killed, allowing the team to watch video of the scuffle. They determined they had to find the golf club used in the murder.

Daniel told Avery he would have to go to court that day to testify in his sister’s defense at her murder trial. Daniel said when their parents were murdered his sister became like a mother to him and finished raising him. Avery told him his parents were watching him and were proud of him.

Daniel got the location of the murdered from analyzing the video they had of the incident. They found the golf club used in the murder as well as the body of a dead man.

Ray’s baby doll was studied by the team to determine it had been connected to the Internet and somehow the hacker had gotten the baby doll to get Ray to leave the window in the house unlocked. This was how the killer got in to murder Ray’s father.

The team got a lead on the identity of the hacker/murdered and Elijiah went to investigate.

In court Daniel testified in his sister’s defense. His testimony was to help prove that the man his sister murdered had been stalking him. The prosecutor stated that Daniel’s sister was the one stalking the man, not the one being stalked. After the truth came out, his sister told Daniel to forget about her and just be happy.

Elijiah found two cell phones involved in the case. Nelson determined that he knew what the man had typed on the keyboard of his laptop right before the murder. They got the email address of the hacker and went to confront him. They caught the man and Elijiah arrested him. The hacker said all he did was  discover flaws in their system.

Ray was reunited with her mom at the FBI headquarters. Elijiah took his aggression over the case out on his punching bag. He then went to a local bar to drink the stress away from having found out his dad was diagnosed with cancer but had refused treatment.