Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Bieber Boots Arquette & Walmart Pays Up

justin bieber tosses david arquette from 21st birthday party images

Rounding out the week in the celebrity gossip, here is your Saturday rumor mill which covers poor Bobbi Kristina Brown, Suge Knight falling out in the spirit again and Walmart having to pay up for Tracy Morgan.

bobbi kristina brown moved again brain dead 2015 gossip
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Bobbie Kristina Brown Moved Again

It is going on two months since Bobbi Kristina Brown was found face down in a tub in her Roswell, GA home and her condition has not improved. She has recently been moved to a rehabilitation center in Atlanta, but it has not been disclosed when or where. We were last updated on her condition in late February that she had been taken out of the medically induced coma but was put right back down due to reportedly having seizures. BK turned 22 on March 4th.

It is obvious that the family does not want to let go and I don’t blame them. If I were them and had the money, I would do the same thing because miracles happen everyday. I can only imagine what money TMZ is laying out to get a shot of her in a coma though, and the longer this happens, the more they’ll keep trying to get a shot of this sad situation.

suge knight faints in court again 2015 gossip

Suge Knight Faints in Court… Again

I know that the whole Suge Knight situation shouldn’t be funny, a man was killed and yet another black man in fighting to keep his freedom, but you can’t help but chuckle at Suge’s behavior during this whole ordeal. If you don’t know what’s going on, let me get you caught up to speed. In February, Suge Knight was arrested for murder because he hit a man with his car who ended up dying. He was sent to jail and charged. Many different things have happened since then, including him being rushed to the hospital on one occasion due to his diabetic condition.

Fast forward to early this week, he passed out for a fourth time and hit his head on a chair on his way down, when he heard that his bail was set at… are you ready for this… $25 million. He was rushed to the hospital, unconscious, and there has been no update on his condition as of yet. All of this has prompted his lawyer, Matthew Fletcher, to appeal to the judge on his client’s behalf, citing that due to his continued medical emergencies during court, he is not getting the treatment that he needs.

“He’s being treated worse than Charles Manson.”

Now that’s a big statement. He goes on further to say that Suge has a blood clot and needs to receive medication, which apparently he has not been given since Thursday.

justin bieber tosses david arquette from party birthday 2015 gossip

Justin Bieber Boots David Arquette From 21st Birthday Bash

First of all, how the hell is Justin Bieber only turning 21 years old? Seriously, I feel like he has been around for forever and she be way older. Anyway, apparently when you are young, rich and famous, you can do whatever the hell you want, including dissing and kicking out unwanted other rich and famous people from  your parties and shit.

Last weekend while celebrating his birthday in Vegas, he had David Arquette (Dewy from the Scream movie franchises and Courtney Cox’s ex-husband) removed from his private party in his suite at Caesars Palace. After already celebrating at the Omnia Nightclub, he wanted just his close friends to attend the “after party.”

Arquette seemed to be okay about it as he didn’t put up a fuss or fight which is the classy and manly thing to do when you are kicked out of a party you were not invited to.

walmart pays millions for tracy morgan accident 2015 gossip

Wal-Mart Pays Big For Tracy Morgan Accident

Remember that accident that Tracy Morgan was in a little over a year ago? Well James McNair died in the crash that severely injured Morgan and now Wal-Mart is paying his family, rightfully so by the way, $10 million, according to court documents.

The driver of the Wal-Mart truck pled not guilty to vehicular homicide. There were a lot of questions around what happened and why the truck smashed into the van taking them home from a show Morgan had just finished. Speculations abound about what happened and Roper is now awaiting trail.

Morgan is working hard on his physical therapy as well as his emotional and mental stability.

Empire Finale: Mixed Reviews

Empire fans sat in front of their TV sets this past Wednesday to see the end of a whirlwind season for the new show. There were a lot of twists and turns and a whole lot of questions answered. The episode also left a lot of questions asked.

Now I know that people will stone me for saying this but I was not that impressed with the season finale. In fact, I was very disappointed. Hear me out!

There was too much going on and things didn’t make sense to me. I mean,  (spoiler alerts) Lucious finds out he doesn’t have ALS, he gives the company to Jamal, Cookie tries to kill Lucious, Lucious and Jamal do a song together, then Cookie and Anika partner together with Hakeem and Andre to incite a hostile take over, Rhonda kills Vernon and then Lucious goes to jail in the end vowing to “get them bitches.”

dynasty alexis krystle fights 2015

There was so much sprinkled in there that it’s just overwhelming. Things didn’t line up and it was like they just threw stuff in there for drama sake. I almost felt like the show reverted back to the first episode when I was trying to determine if I wanted to keep watching. But that Cookie Anika fight was worth all the frustration though. If any of you remember that 1980’s show Dynasty, you’ll recall the intense catfights between Alexis and Krystle, but with way more hair pulling and gut punching.

I am sure it will get better, well I hope it will, next season. I just think it missed the mark in my humble opinion.