CSI CYBER 202 Recap: Heart Me Stalk Me

csi cyber 202 heart me recap images 2015

csi cyber 202 heart me recap images 2015Dating and stalking are what’s on tap for this episode of “CSI: Cyber,” and at a dating site party Holden tried to buy a drink for Tracy, a friend of Raven’s, but Tracy turned him down. Holden then began to check Raven out. Later he called 911 because he said he heard gun shots and screams. Then a SWAT Team raided Raven’s house that night. Raven looked out the window and saw Nelson, who had been at her apartment at the time, climb down the fire escape and run away.

A week later at work Raven confronted Nelson on why he left so suddenly. He said it would have looked bad for him to be discovered at her apartment in the middle of the night.

Meanwhile, the team got ahold of pacifiers from the UK that could track a baby’s body temperature and send the results to their parents’ smartphones. Agent Mundo then told Agent Ryan that they had a new lead on someone they have been watching, who runs a porn site online. Mundo said that the man, Rizzo, has a clean record and an army of lawyers so they can’t bust him for putting naked pictures of unsuspecting women on his site.

Raven then got a phone call from Tracy. She told Raven her utilities were shut off and she stopped getting mail to her house because she allegedly filled out a change of address online that she never filled out. Tracy’s email account was hacked into and she went to the cops. They told her they couldn’t do anything to determine who broke into her computer. She asked Raven if she could help by finding the person who hacked into Tracy’s accounts.

Agent Ryan confronted Mundo about spending too much time at the bar and not enough time at home. He told Agent Ryan his father has an inoperable tumor in his spine and won’t undergo chemotherapy treatments for it.

Raven found the name of the man, Kyle, who hacked into Tracy’s accounts and reported it to Agent Ryan. She said she would send Mundo to talk to Kyle. When Mundo got to Kyle’s house he found him dead in his living room. Mundo said Kyle’s wife’s alibi had checked out and she had arrived at the house right before Agent Ryan did. Mundo discovered Kyle was the man Tracy turned down at the party.

The team found out that a nude photo of Tracy was on the porn site that the FBI is trying to get shut down. Mundo then told Raven that Kyle was found dead at his house and Tracy was his suspected murderer. At a motel a man watched Tracy get in her car and drive away. He followed her in his car and then called 911 and said he knew something about a current murder case.

Daniel obtained the cell phones that were found at the scene of the crime when Kyle was murdered. Nelson looked at Kyle’s side piece phone and discovered Tracy had a motivation to kill Kyle; he was pretending to be single when he was married the whole time.

A detective questioned Raven about Tracy’s role in Kyle’s death. Raven said someone framed Tracy for murdering Kyle. Agent Ryan said they found Tracy’s fingerprints at Kyle’s house the day he was murdered.

Raven showed Tracy the picture of her on Rizzo’s site and Tracy said she had sent that picture to an ex-boyfriend while they were still dating.

Russell determined that the side piece phone didn’t actually belong to Kyle. He said someone wanted it to look like Kyle and Tracy had a cyber-relationship.

The young man who said he had information on a murder called Tracy’s mother and pretended to be a cop. They had to determine who started a dating profile using Kyle’s identity. They found the device that was used to hack into Tracy’s email account. They figured out the man pretending to be Kyle got ahold of a photo of Kyle and used it to create the fake dating profile.

The man followed Tracy to a store and when she got into her car to leave he knocked on her window and told her she had a flat tire so he would give her a ride. She asked him to take her to the local bus station. The man said he had met Tracy when he offered to buy her a drink and she rejected him. He then asked Tracy how her boyfriend was. Nelson tracked down Tracy based on the location of her phone and called Agent Mundo to go pick her up. The man giving Tracy a ride was pulled over and Tracy was arrested for Kyle’s murder.

Tracy told Agent Ryan that she didn’t kill Kyle and that she has a clean record. She said she went to Kyle’s house and the door was wide open so she went in. She said she didn’t remember what happened and questioned why she would hurt him. Tracy identified the man that was giving her a ride as Holden.

Agent Ryan told Tracy that Holden had posed as Kyle to get to know Tracy. She said Holden wanted revenge on Tracy for rejecting him. She explained Holden murdered Kyle and then lured Tracy to Kyle’s house. Holden grabbed Tracy, took her to a motel and left her.

Russell and Agent Ryan figured out to use enzymes to pinpoint the exact time of Kyle’s death so Tracy could be cleared in his murder. He proved that Kyle was dead before Tracy got to the house.

Raven told Tracy they were giving her a new computer and phone that can’t be hacked into and that they were putting her in a hotel until Kyle’s killer was caught. Tracy then called Raven and said Holden had texted her. Tracy disappeared from the hotel and went after Holden. She tried to attack him but Raven stopped her. Mundo then caught up with Holden and arrested him for Kyle’s murder.