‘Blackish’ 210 Stuff Recap

Christmas is a special time in the Johnson household on Blackish. Dre and bow make sure that their children have the very best and get the very best, but Pops doesn’t think that letting kids have whatever they want

‘Black-ish’ 209 Man At Work Recap

If you didn’t know, Dre Johnson is a man of principle and one of his guiding rules in life is never to forget people who helped him out. It's his code, and if you got his back, he’s got yours.

‘Black-ish’ 208 Barbershop & ‘Empire’ Christmas Cards

"Black-ish" is new and fresh this week, and it’s all about hair, "Empire" Christmas cards and loyalty.

‘Black-ish’ 207 Charlie In Charge Recap

This week on Blackish, Zoe goes to college! Well not really. She visits one, Bow’s alma mater Brown University.

‘Black-ish’ 206 Jacked Up Recap

The Obama's get some attention on this episode of Blackish as it’s Halloween and the Johnsons are the first family of the neighborhood. That’s right, this year the Obama’s are coming to town.

‘Black-ish’ 205 Churched Recap

This week on "Black-ish," the Johnson family tackles parents being “no people” and church.

BLACK-ISH 204: Daddy’s Day Recap

Get ready people, because there’s a brand new holiday on thecalendar- Daddy’s Day. That’s the subject matter this week on Blackish.

BLACKISH 203 Hell No Recap

Health issues are front and center on Blackish, they touch on the all too familiar stereotype that black folks don’t go to the doctor.