Isaac Caldiero First AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR Finale Winner

The WWE could not have scripted a better finale for the season finale of American Ninja Warrior. Like me, most fans of this show probably thought the season would end like the previous six

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR 715 Vegas Finals Group 2 Recap

Last week's taste of stage one in Las Vegas set us up for the second group this week on American Ninja Warrior. I love the fast pace that goes along with the finals and that was a pleasant surprise as I watched the first group.

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR 714 Vegas Finals Stage 1 Recap

What happens in a hell of a lot different than what happens on other American Ninja Warrior courses. This was my first look at the National Finals so I'm loving the faster pace.

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR 712: Military Finals Recap

What do you get when you mix freaky athletes, a hard ass obstacle course, and a battleship in the background? American Ninja Warrior Military Finals.

America Ninja Warrior 711: Pittsburgh Finals

"American Ninja Warrior" made a stop in Pittsburgh for another city finals event, this one featuring a very tough obstacle in the form of Floating Monkey Bars. We witnessed a superhero competitor, an impressive old gymnast, and one female runner.


The previews to the Orlando Finals episode of "American Ninja Warrior" promised some real showmen. They were a few characters that stood out, but most of the runners were extremely focused on the course instead of adding flair.

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR 708: Kansas City Finals Recap

Kansas City is the latest city finals for this installment of "American Ninja Warrior" is brought to you by 'The Body Prop'. Got an arrogant athlete? This little obstacle will hit them with a huge dose of reality, complete with quivering muscles and shame.

American Ninja Warrior 707: Venice Finals

Recapping episodes of American Ninja Warrior is going to be a bit like running these insane obstacle courses. How do I describe a sport that is totally off the wall, but still shows off athleticism at its finest?