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‘Making A Murderer’ 110 Steven Avery’s Endless Legal Loops recap

The final episode of "Making a Murderer" ends this hellashish lesson on the U.S. justice system. We see the results of a wrecked Avery family with Steven and Brendan having been found guilty of the horrific murder of Teresa Halbach.

BLACK SAILS Man O War Clip Hits For Season 2 Box...

Anchor Bay Entertainment just released a special featurette for their series Black Sails, which will be entering its third season in early 2016. The show is an action-drama set on New Providence Island and is a prequel to the well-known novel Treasure Island.

BIG BROTHER 1738: Johnny Mac Out Final 3 Battle & Vanessa...

On Wednesday night's episode of Big Brother, Vanessa said sending Austin home was the worst thing she has ever had to do in this game. Vanessa tried to apologize to Liz, but Liz wouldn't listen.

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR 715 Vegas Finals Group 2 Recap

Last week's taste of stage one in Las Vegas set us up for the second group this week on American Ninja Warrior. I love the fast pace that goes along with the finals and that was a pleasant surprise as I watched the first group.

BIG BANG THEORY Recap 821: Penny’s Acting Decision

On this week’s episode of Big Bang Theory Sheldon asked Leonard and Howard if they wanted to hear songs he had changed the lyrics to in an attempt to get young children more interested in science.