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Can Zack Snyder top King Vidor’s ‘Fountainhead’ with Brad Pitt, Henry Cavill or Michael Shannon?

Zack Snyder surprised many fans when he announced that his next film would be a remake of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. More surprise and excitement may come when the top three names considered for Howard Rourke are Brad Pitt, Michael Shannon and Henry Cavill.

Hottest 3 future proof computer motherboards for any budget

Hunting for a that new super amped desktop? Remember that the motherboard is the driving force behind it so get one that will live longer than your last relationship. Here are 3 killer motherboards that can make your desktop last a full decade with as much power as the day you bought it on any budget.

‘King of Kong’ Losing a Fistful of Dollars plus top arcade games of all time

King of Kong: A Fistful of Dollars got a second life after history was reset on the documentary's villain Billy Mitchell when he was stripped of his title as reigning Donkey Kong arcade game king and unassuming hero Steve Weibe was vindicated. Plus top 10 arcade games of all time.

Cartoon Network’s ‘Thundercats Roar’ Uproar Has Many Valid Points

Thundercats fans are in an uproar after the Cartoon Network released its first look at the Thundercats Roar reboot and Marius Marionella has plenty to say about this looming catastrophe.

How Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ cast stacks up to their stunt doubles

Check out how the Avengers cast stands up side by side with their stunt doubles plus some fun extras including Taylor Lautner. Remember him?

Amazon Echo: Protect yourself from Alexa’s prying ears plus Uber fraud watch

Amazon Echo Alexa has freaked people out after recording a couple's private conversation and emailing it out to a friend so MTTG has got some ways for you to protect your privacy easily. We also are reporting on another Uber fraud people need to be aware of that's growing quickly.

GDPR: How new data policy rules affect you plus Samsung’s iPhone copy

Confused on the new GDPR data privacy rules and how they affect you? Here's what you need to know, and if you run a website, why you should pay close attention. Plus Samsung gets slapped for copying Apple's iPhone parts.

‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ hit by overcrowded May box office with ‘Deadpool 2’

Solo: A Star Wars Story felt a big disturbance in the franchise force as Disney saw it's lucrative series take a hit at the box office leaving many wondering if it's franchise fatigue or an overcrowded May with Deadpool 2 and Avengers films.

2018 NHL Stanley Cup Souvenirs every hockey fan must have

Lost on what to find that hockey fan who has everything during the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals? Here are five perfect gift ideas to keep you out of the penalty box even if you're not a Washington Capitals or Vegas Golden Knights fan.

The Tremors Franchise Goes to the Worms

Even though Syfy may have cancelled Kevin Bacon's Tremors series, the trailer leaked online garnering plenty of attention to land a seventh film in the franchise. Can all the attention get the series picked up though?

Top 5 Luck-Based Marvel Superheroes

Some #Deadpool fans thought Zazzie Beets wouldn't be able to pull off Domino in Deadpool 2 but as I predicted, she did it very well. So that inspired our @MariusDeVirus to find the Top 5 Marvel characters that have had lady luck on their side #X-Men #Scarlet Witch #MCU

Supernatural’s Season 13 Finale Part 2 Good Times Roll

Part 2 of Supernatural's emotional and action packed Season 13 finale Let the Good Times Roll giving us a new Dean Winchester and what to expect in Season 14.

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