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Sports in 2018: expect more major hype without much payoff

The sporting world in 2018 isn't looking to have many surprises or new faces so settle in for some calmness while Donald Trump continues rattling our nerves politically.

Why smart homes and smart devices went mainstream in 2017

2017 saw an explosion in smart homes and smart devices. What made the once tech geek only devices such a must have.

Is your smart home safe from hackers and spying?

Is your smart home smarter than hackers trying to get in? Here's some easy tips to keep them out of your smart devices.

Jacksonville Jaguars suddenly need more seating for NFL playoffs

Jacksonville Jaguars Open Up More Seating for First NFL Playoff Appearance Since 2007

Groupon+ saving you money in 2018

Groupon can give you some cash back in 2018 even if Donald Trump's GOP tax bill has left you high and dry. Check out there deal with Papa Johns for some great pizza deals to keep you cozy in that winter weather.

Even poop emojis get plenty of heated debate for acceptance

Who knew so much debates goes into whether emojis gets accepted or not, but the recent controversy over a sad poop emoji brought the process into the light.

Eli Apple saga ends for New York Giants

Eli Apple Saga Comes to a Head as New York Giants Suspend Apple over Recent Comments

NFL wants to keep Carolina Panthers in Charlotte

NFL Wants Carolina Panthers to Remain in Charlotte After Sale

Jeff Fisher still wants credit for Rams successful NFL season

Jeff Fisher Wants Some Credit for the Los Angeles Rams Newfound Success

Johnny Manziel ready for CFL but will this get back NFL?

Johnny Manziel Eyeing Return to Football in Canadian Football League but Could This Be His Way Back Into the NFL?

Noam Ash, Austin Bening Talk ‘My Gay Roommate’ and Homo-Hetero Power Couples

Noam Ash & Austin Bening talk about My Gay Roommate moving to a TV show and the power of the homo-hetero couple. Our interview updates readers on what has happened to the two since we interviewed them in 2013.

‘The Crown:’ What to expect in Season 3

For fans of The Crown on Netflix, Season 3 might be a little later than normal and there are some big changes coming. Find out what they are.

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