Groupon+ saving you money in 2018

Groupon saving you money in 2018 if Trump's tax bill lets you down 2017 images

New Years always has people looking over the previous year and setting new standards for themselves in the upcoming one. We all know that most people will set unattainable goals, but if you’re looking to save money in 2018, Groupon+ has you covered.

Groupon+ will take care of you everytime you go out to eat at any Groupon+ restaurant. You’ll get 5% cash back automatically plus you’ll have access to deals at literally thousands of restaurants where you can even get up to 30% cash back. That’s not a bad return and you can check it out here.

finding mr ms right with dinner

If this is the year you’re determined to meet Mr. or Ms. Right, you can save some money on that long stream of first dates so you’ve got a little incentive right there. We’ve all done that when we decide it’s time to grow up and find that perfect person so we make a concerted effort to date. Within a week you realize how expensive that can be, so if you’re the one always footing the bill, at least you can save a little coin.

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How Groupon+ Works

Here’s how it all works, and thankfully, it’s a very simple process. We’re of the mindset that if something takes longer than two minutes to fill out, we’re out. Groupon+ obviously knows how our attention spans are, and this one can be completed in less than a minute.

You just go to this link if you’re not already a member of Groupon+ and sign up. You get the verify e-mail to hit and then you’ll go to this page:

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Then you just enter your eligible Visa or Mastercard info to link to your account. They won’t ever charge your card so you don’t need to worry about that as you can claim all their deals for free. That’s it. You’re all signed up and can get to eating in or out.

Advantages With Groupon+

The best advantage is that the whole process is voucherless. That’s right, you don’t have to worry about printing out something or having to mail a receipt in. You earn that cash back immediately with no muss or fuss.

You earn saving on your total bill and the cash back percentage is always the same. You also earn cash back every time you visit or order, and you never have to re-claim the deal. It will work everytime so if you go on a Papa John’s pizza binge, you’ll do it on a budget.

So get to signing up over on Groupon+!

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Groupon+ and Fourstarzz Media. All opinions are ours so you know if we didn’t like it, we wouldn’t write about it.