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Bristol Palin Planned Parenthood & Donald Trump’s Mexican Karma

Here is a new round of celebrity claptrap to care about today. From fake asses to pseudo planned accidents, and karmic retribution for Donald Trump.

BIG BROTHER 1703 Jason Dethroned & Audrey Exposed

On last night's episode of Big Brother, Da'vonne said she is a super Big Brother fan. Jeff said he had hoped Jackie would win the first HOH competition. Jace said Austin was the yang to his ying.

Premier League Soccer Transfers: June 29, 2015

Next season in the Premier League would be way more competitive than the 2014/15 campaign. Chelsea were crowned the champions and no other team came close to the summit of the table.

Petr Cech seals £10m Arsenal move: Does it make Arsenal title contenders?

It’s official. Petr Cech has completed his move from Chelsea to Arsenal. The towering goal keeper had fallen out of favor at the Stamford Bridge as Thiraut Courtois returned from Atletico Madrid to claim the number 1 spot.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Oliver Hudson Abandoned & Caitlyn Jenner’s Pride

A week after Oliver Hudson posted an Instagram picture expressing his feelings of abandonment by his father Bill Hudson, the latter has chosen to respond in a bold way. In an interview Bill explained that Goldie Hawn, the ex-wife and the mother of both Oliver and Kate

When Police Become the Hackers

Special police squads or teams are a staple of movies and television like CSI, The Mod Squad, and Miami Vice. Whether they’re real or not, they make law enforcement seem pretty cool and more exciting.

Novak Djokovic Eyeing Third Wimbledon Title As He Enters Round Two

Novak Djokovic is already planting his feet deep in the grass courts of Wimbledon to hold on to that title after beating Germany's Philipp Kohschreiber in straight sets on Monday 6-4, 6-4, 6-4.

Dumbest NFL News

Slow news weeks in the NFL produce some weak stories and some dumb comments can make the front page of It’s the middle of summer so there isn’t much going on in the League obviously.

Wimbledon 2015 Betting Odds

Wimbledon 2015 will take place from the All England Club between June 29th and July 12th this year., for the second time in his career, will be the defending champion when play gets underway at the grass court Grand Slam.

Fabricio Werdum: UFC’s Baddest Underdog on the Planet

Few underdogs could ever claim they are the baddest man on the planet. Fabricio Werdum is the amazing exception to that rule. The new UFC Heavyweight Champion should not have had to even deal with the underdog label after big wins leading up to his victory over Cain Velasquez.

POWER 203: Like We’re Any Other Couple

Power continues to show just why so many people are addicted to the sleek, sexy drama. There was so much going on this week and the best part about it is that all of it was for a reason.

POWER 202: No Friends on the Street

This week on Power, the action is slow, steady and worth it. The way they build the characters and the story line draws you in and now more than ever, you think through who could be or what will happen.

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