POWER 202: No Friends on the Street

Power 50 cent walking with white bulge man starz no friend on the streets 2015

starz power poster 2015This week on Power, the action is slow, steady and worth it. The way they build the characters and the story line draws you in and now more than ever, you think through who could be or what will happen.

It started out with Ghost/Jamie and Angela in bed (he spent the night at her place) and of course you know I have to say something about this. It does burn me up that he is having this ongoing affair with this woman. I don’t care that they were in love all these years ago and “fate” has brought them back together. Tasha is bad and has been riding with him from the beginning. He really needs to stop. Anyway, off my soapbox for now.

Jamie continues his investigation of Angela as he follows her during her run and sees her talking to Greg, an FBI agent and her ex boyfriend. He wants to go a little wacko but keeps it cool.

Tommy is still all kinds of gone with Holly even moving her into his place. She is weak and can’t really do much for herself but that doesn’t stop her from snooping around to “find answers.”

Power 50 cent walking with white bulge man starz no friend on the streets 2015Back at the house, Tasha and Jamie are surprised to see Kanan. They didn’t know he was getting out. He comes in and sees their big place and everything they have and he tell them they living “Like George and Weezy.” He offers to help Ghost find the girl who tried to kill him, but Jamie tells him that he’s on it. Later, we see that Kanan takes things into his own hand and kills her boss for not having the right answers. Let me say here too that it seems 50 Cent has gotten some acting lessons. Good for him. Tommy comes in and is super hype to see Kanan and they make plans to throw him a coming home party.

Ghost tells Tasha to keep an eye on Holly because she knows who he really is. She pays her a visit at Tommy’s apartment bringing her food, etc. She tells Holly that she is with Tommy so she is family and that whatever happened before is in the past. It is clear here that Tasha is trying to make a connection but Holly is guarded to the point of almost being rude. She ask Tasha what happened at the club and she tells her the same story that Tommy told her. This prompts her to question him when he gets home later and she threats to leave him when she feel that he is not telling her everything. He gives in and tells her the truth about the girl trying to kill Ghost.

At the club, Ghost deals with the fact that Simon Stern owns Truth (in some capacity). He meets with him and they work out a deal that if Ghost can get the club running at a 20% profit, he will make an offer for Jamie to buy Truth back. Of course Stern has some things up his sleeves as this is the episode that Ghost gets a new boss in the form of Santos, his former club employee.

Stern also sends Ghost to Miami to take care of some work for him and you already know it, Jamie takes the time to bring his whore with him. Angela, however, for whatever reason, tells him that she can’t go and it probably has something to do with the fact that she is low key still working on the case that her boss told her to let go.

power images 2015 starzAngela gets Isabel, her former informant’s girlfriend, to finish the half done suspect sketch because she knows his face. It looks like Tommy, which prompts her to hack into Greg’s computer to see the FBI database. Tommy’s name comes up which also makes her question if Ghost has some involvement, who is at her house looking through her shit to see what she knows.

Jamie gets a tip that the assassin girl is in Miami so this makes the trip two fold, well really three fold with Angela coming and all. At home while packing, Tasha asks him where he is going and he tells her just about everything except the Angela part, even saying to her “Angela isn’t going.” Tasha doesn’t believe him but doesn’t fight it. Instead she turns real sexy, gets on top of Ghost and rides him.

Jamie arrives to take his private jet to Miami and right before boarding the plane he asks Shawn, his driver and Kanan’s son, if he knew his dad was getting out. He genuinely tells him no. Ghost gets on the plane and who’s there to greet him? Angela.

It is definitely heating up and I can’t wait to see what next week will bring.