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In today’s world, privacy feels like a luxury, but it’s something that we shouldn’t be made to feel like we can’t have. We know when we’re on the internet, privacy is something that we know won’t happen, but we should be able to feel some form of privacy when we’re on our desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Just because people may be all around us doesn’t mean they have the right to look at what we’re e-mailing or what website we’re checking out. Thankfully, there’s now 3M™ Privacy Filters & Screen Protectors to give you some privacy. There’s nothing worse than that fellow cubefarm worker who keeps peeping over to see what you’re looking it or hoping that you’re doing something they can report you for. Yes, those people will always exist, and this is the type of thing that will drive them crazy.

I’ve worked in those offices and wish that this had been out then because when you’re working, it’s nothing worse than having those people keep looking over your shoulder distracting you.

An even bigger threat though is knowing that two-thirds of employees display sensitive company data on their mobile devices outside of the office, and in today’s world, those hackers are looking for prime opportunities like this. It’s hard enough knowing that when you use a public wi-fi, you are taking a big risk, but then knowing that a quick glance on your tablet or smartphone can put your company at risk.

This is called Visual Hacking, which is the active threat of sensitive, confidential or private information being viewed or captured for unauthorized use, and it can lead to a large-scale data breach. For those small business owners, this could literally ruin your company. What’s worse, is that visual hacking is extremely hard to track since there’s no footprints or breadcrumbs left, like with an internet hacker. This is just a simple glance that can ruin your job or life. Learn More About Visual Hacking

Visual privacy is when sensitive information is being accessed visually by your desktop, laptop or mobile device screen which creates a major security risk for companies.

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The average organizational total cost from a data breach averages around $5.8 million. When you look at that cost, investing in this is just a drop in the bucket, plus it will give you some sense of peace.

3M™ Privacy Filters and Screen Protectors work by allowing only the user to see their screen clearly while people in close proximity will only see a black screen. It’s something so simple that is worth investing in whether you have a company or not. Being the pioneer of original black-out privacy filters, 3M is the smart solution for corporate leaders to provide this simple tool for their workers which won’t interfere with productivity.

We got a chance to try out this technology, and like any great invention, it’s simple, but it works wonderfully! You truly can feel safe working on a big screen monitor as even someone sitting next to your chair will only see a black screen. Anyone viewing your screen at an angle won’t be able to see your data.

The filters are very easy to put on your computer screen or other device screens. Along with the filter come clear plastic tabs with sticky adhesive for the side of your screen.  Two long tabs and six smaller tabs are placed on the raised perimeter of the screen to hold the filter in place.  The top of the filter includes a divot that allows you remove it easily from your screen.  The tabs jut out to hold the filter in place. Taking the tabs off and on makes it loose its stickiness, not to mention the adhesive can collect dirt if taken on and off.

Along with giving you guaranteed privacy, the filters also act a surface protector from scratches and dust.

I’ll admit I was a little reluctant at first to believe that a product this simple could provide a private environment, but it really does just that. So no more worrying about that nosy co-worker, but more importantly, no more worrying about someone watching you enter your password while your online banking and using it!

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If you don’t believe me, Request a Sample. Or you could just feel safer using the above invention…

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