Feeling Original & Standing Out From the Crowd In PF Flyers

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We’ve all heard that old saying ‘clothes make the man’, and in many cases that so true. Especially today, when so many people try so hard to look unique that they wind up looking like everyone else. Since I was in high school, for me, looking unique wasn’t about trying, it was just finding your personal style that made you feel good.

My style then actually was a mix of retro mixed with what I called ‘forseeable fashion’. That was basically what I figured would be styles that people would wind copying while I moved on with my own personal style. One of the things that stood out was I had found an old pair of PF Flyers my dad had and just loved the way they looked and felt. No one was wearing high tops then, so it felt good to not be part of the crowd.

When I went off to college, I left those PF Flyers in my closet and for some reason, my mom decided to do some spring cleaning and threw them out along with some very priceless baseball cards. She still hasn’t lived down the cards, but I forgave her for the shoes even though I felt a more nostalgic loss over those than the cards.

Now, I was given an opportunity to relive those memories with the latest PF Flyers, and I have to say, it felt just as good all over again. It was different as it wasn’t like I am trying to relive youth (who would want to go through all that again), but it just reminded me of my sensibilities back then that shaped me into the man I am now. That is where clothes truly can make the man and these shoes obviously did that.

Even though PF Flyers were way before my time, they always felt like my time, and now that they’re making a comeback, it’s like my time has come back around. These were shoes that hit their stride in popularity back in the 50’s and 60’s, and they were actually started by BF Goodrich, the tire place. Seems they found a use for vulcanized rubber (for all you Trekkies out there) so these are shoes with a very rich and varied history that anyone can appreciate. Especially the fact that they’ve survived ups and downs and are back again in the mainstream public’s eye.

I actually purchased two pair (as they’re a really good deal and last forever…as long as your mom doesn’t find a reason to thrown them out), and I really can’t say which one I like more as they both have their own unique personality and look. The center hi are all black with a splash of white and green of the PF Flyer logo and look great no matter where you go.

They look like they’d be heavy, but they’re so light and wearing hi-tops again is a bit different, but you definitely feel some great ankle support when you take them out hiking. They’re great for that and the traction you get while climbing over some crazy terrain and rocks is great. They actually rival my hiking boots which are about three times as heavy. I usually go through hiking boots rather quickly as we are a very active family, but after giving these PF Flyers a run for their money over the past few weeks, I think they’ll help me save some money with their durability.

So if you’re in that league of your own when it comes to style, PF Flyers are probably right for you. They’re known for that personality to unfollow the crowd and make your own statement that everyone else will wind up following. They’re more about substance and history which creates their own personal sense of style. So shop now to find the PF Flyers that is your style. Check out PF Flyers on Tumblr too. Once you see them, you may get a tinge of nostalgia or just want to make your own history with a pair that suits your own personal style.

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