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No More Risky Business With 3M™ Privacy Filters & Screen Protectors

Today, privacy is something that is hard to come by, whether you’re on the internet or out in public. We know that when we are online, our steps are watched by advertisers, spammers and anyone else

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook does it again with user data with response

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg get caught giving away user data, including private messages, but he's counting on people not caring anymore about their privacy.

GDPR: How new data policy rules affect you plus Samsung’s iPhone copy

Confused on the new GDPR data privacy rules and how they affect you? Here's what you need to know, and if you run a website, why you should pay close attention. Plus Samsung gets slapped for copying Apple's iPhone parts.

87 million and counting for Facebook data breach plus Mark Zuckerberg tips

Facebook revealed Wednesday that up to 87 million users may have been affected by the Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal plus some big tips on how Zuckerberg needs to handle the upcoming Congressional hearing.

Facebook lawsuits begin as Mark Zuckerberg heads to Congress

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg realized that he couldn't get out of testifying before Congress about Cambridge Analytica and those privacy problems hitting the social media powerhouse.

Will Mark Zuckerberg finally man up with Facebook problems?

Now that Mark Zuckerberg is being backed into some uncomfortable corners, will the Facebook CEO and co-founder finally man up and take on leadership qualities as his social media platform takes hit after hit?

Just how was Facebook able to get your phone calls and history?

Mark Zuckerberg has suddenly responded with much clearer Facebook security and privacy settings after the #DeleteFacebook movement grew and here's what you can do to keep your stuff secure if you're still willing to hold out for the social media platform. We also break down how Facebook got into this mess in the first place.

Google claiming to reading your Gmail emails but…

Google got plenty of positive headlines when they announced on Friday that they would stop reading your Gmail emails. But those headlines didn't tell the whole story.

Tim Cook penalized and FBI deletes Apple iPhone hack details

Apple's 2017 hasn't been off to the best start with Tim Cook taking some of the biggest hits. After Apple decided to pull a New York Times app from China, critics took to social media to say Cook, who has become a privacy and rights advocate

Labor Department wants Google banned from Federal contracts

Asking a company that values its privacy like Google to turn over confidential information about its employees is like asking President-elect Donald Trump to turn over his complete tax forms.

We don’t negotiate with Ransomware

How To Avoid Paying Off That Creepy Ransomware Message by fighting back.

Mickey Mouse’s foot fetish

The evil mouse empire is at it again and he wants to track your movements when you visit his park. As if people aren’t being tracked enough already through satellites, GPS, CCTVs and browsing activity

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