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William Barr’s Justice Department reopens encryption security fight

William Barr is revisiting data encryption issues for law enforcement in an attempt to get tech companies to allow better access.

Equifax Data Breach $700 million settlement: What you need to know

Hearing about another major hack has become nothing new, but if you were one of the millions whose information was exposed in the Equifax...

GozNym cyber criminal charged trying to steal $100 million through 41K infected computers

The GozNym cyber criminal ring has been charged by the FBI for trying to steal $100 million through 44 thousand infected computers.

WhatsApp hack, Hulu goes Disney while Walmart fights Amazon delivery

WhatsApp was hit with a very sophisticated hack that was deployed with just a phone call. Disney took over Hulu while Walmart fights Amazon with one-day free delivery.

Facebook ad scams grow while FBI fails hacking victims

Facebook claims they are making things better for users, but ad scams are growing faster than ever. The FBI has let down victims of hackers by not letting them know their rights.

Mariott Hacked, U.S. Army goes HoloLens and Instagram closes friend circle

Mariott hack biggest ever in corporate history, U.S. Army puts Microsoft HoloLens on market and Instagram making those friend circles even tighter.

Google takes Pixel 3 to bigger place while Plus finally killed off

Google follows the bigger is better trend as its Pixel 3 is larger and lusher while the media giant finally puts the beleaguered Google Plus to rest in August.

Another 29 million Facebook accounts hacked

Here we go again with another 29 million Facebook accounts getting hacked after they recently purged over 800 spam accounts. How much longer will users take the risk of getting hacked after so many?

Russian hackers hit more than Clinton plus Zuckerberg joins Bill Gates

ISIS took credit back in 2015 for Twitter threats against United States military spouses with a Bloody Valentine's Day message, but it turns out the Vladimir Putin's army of Russian hackers were behind this along with election meddling and unleashing the Hillary Clinton e-mails.

The harsh reality of Meltdown and Spectre

Meltdown and Spectre are the latest computer virus malwares that are lighting up the media, but here are some facts behind all the fear mongering.

Is your smart home safe from hackers and spying?

Is your smart home smarter than hackers trying to get in? Here's some easy tips to keep them out of your smart devices.

UPDATED: After secret code found and NSA hack, can Kaspersky regain trust?

Can Kaspersky ever regain anyone's trust after downloading #NSA hacking tools and ties to Kremlin.

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