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Get ready for credit card selfies with Visa’s biometrics

Selfies not just for social media anymore as Visa integrates biometrics into credit cards so you may be required to give one with your next credit application.

Norton Core: The Wireless Router You’ll Proudly Want To Put On Display

We all know Norton from their great anti-virus security software, but they've come out with the Norton Core wireless router that will keep your home and smart devices safe from hackers and malware.

Microsoft saves the day on WannCry?

Guess one can still count on Microsoft during a worldwide crisis. But could it be genuine altruism or heroism or a long-term preventive measure?

WannaCry: Powerful-NSA Grade Ransomware Grinds to a Halt

Wanna cry? You certainly will once your system gets hit by the WannaCry ransomware. Over 700,000 systems have been hit worldwide by this rampaging ransomware often in the groin as critical systems are forced to shut down

Fakes on a plane: No more laptops or tablets allowed

Cue Samuel L. Jackson. Seriously, the recent gadget ban for inbound flights from the Middle East has me thinking of another film. Everyone remember that Stallone film, The Specialist? That was a nice film. It showed how the characters of Sly

WikiLeaks does a CIA dump of hacking tools

If Julian Assange gets evicted from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, he's going down fighting as WikiLeaks has done another data dump, and this time it's focused on the CIA.

The Ultimate Spy Gadget: Samsung Galaxy S3

And the award for the best spy gadget of all time for the year 2017 goes to—Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung really is on the road to infamy, beginning with the fiery Galaxy Note 7, the arrest of Samsung’s South Korean leader

Yahoo warns users on more hack attacks

Yahoo seems to get more attention from it's faltering business, and now it recently let its users know that cyber attackers may have gotten into their account or even taken them over.

Upgrade to Windows 10 and Stop Ransomware

Built into Windows 10 is the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection first announced in March last year. It’s a service designed to help enterprises detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks on their networks.

Donald Trump cracking down on hackers with cybersecurity EO

While President Donald Trump is using his pen on hyperdrive signing all of his executive orders, he's adding cybersecurity to the mix to fend off hackers today. It will commission a review of the federal government defenses

Russians hack NES Classic Edition and more

“Oh, those Russians”. That’s the last line of Boney M’s Rasputin song, which is pretty catchy. It was only a matter of time before someone managed to hack into the Nintendo Classic Edition which expands the mini-console’s library

Donald Trump’s latest Twitter tantrum brings in Nazi Germany

Just days before being inaugurated, President-elect Donald Trump had another Twitter tantrum lashing out at both media and intel agencies over the unsubstantiated reports on his ties with Russia.

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