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Leslie Jones proves the Cloud not always safe

Leslie Jones Fighting More than Ghosts with a Hacked Cloud

Bangladesh Central Bank Malware Hack: Going on the Cheap Isn’t Always a Good Idea

You get what you pay for. Buildings collapse, machines break down, dinosaurs roam parks and eat tourists and computers get hacked. That’s what happens when people scrimp too much on costs.

Keeping Your WordPress Site Safe From Hackers

Being popular isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. A tree full of fruits is sure to get its share of stones thrown at it. Take Microsoft Windows for example. The operating system is on a gazillion computers so now Windows and its apps are the target of thousands of viruses and other malware.

37 Million Cheaters Exposed

The adultery-centered dating site Ashley-Madison has been breached and 37 million customers are in danger of being exposed. That’s a lot of cheaters. In other news, flower and jewelry shops are accepting pre-orders expecting a potential customer increase.

When Police Become the Hackers

Special police squads or teams are a staple of movies and television like CSI, The Mod Squad, and Miami Vice. Whether they’re real or not, they make law enforcement seem pretty cool and more exciting.

U.S. vs Hackers

Knowing is half the battle. No, it’s not a public safety advice from a Saturday morning cartoon. It’s a very important adage to remember when facing challenges, battles and war.

Can Technology Stay Ahead Of Hackers?

It’s a computer user’s nightmare out there, a security apocalypse. It sounds alarming because it is; especially if you have a credit card and buy stuff online

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