Top 5 Use Cases for Amazon Firestick

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The Amazon Firestick is a device that connects to a person’s television and allows it to connect to a Wi-Fi network. The television does not need to be a smart TV to make this possible. Installation and configuration is straightforward, and it uses the HDMI interface on the television. This device is similar to Google Chromecast and the Roku, in that its primary purpose is to make it possible to stream Internet-based programming on the television. Here are five ways that people can use Amazon Firestick in their homes.

amazon firestick for streaming tv shows and movies

Streaming TV Shows and Movies

Many people use the Amazon Firestick for streaming videos, TV shows, and movies. The Firestick has built-in support for many streaming services. Amazon Prime is an obvious inclusion, and the software makes it easy to navigate this service. Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, Sling, Facebook Video, and HBO Now are among the many supported streaming video platforms. Amazon frequently adds support for third-party services, so even if a person’s favorite streaming service isn’t currently available, it may make its way onto the Firestick in the future. One thing to note is that supporting a third-party streaming service is not the same as having its subscription covered. Users need to pay the monthly fee for each service before they can access the content available.

amazon firestick with radio and audio streaming

Radio and Audio Device

The Amazon Firestick is also useful for acting as a person’s connected sound system. Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio TV, Vevo, Pandora Music for TV, and SiriusXM for TV are all available for the Firestick user’s musical needs. Much like the streaming TV services, if a subscription fee is associated with the radio app, then the person needs to pay that before being able to listen to it.

Amazon offers many niche radio stations outside of the popular streaming radio services. For example, RelaxMyCat is an app that provides soothing music and television programming for cats. People who need to leave their feline friends at home while they’re working can rest assured that their cats are going to be entertained throughout the day. Another specialized channel is Karaoke Party by Redkaraoke. It’s an instant karaoke party with the help of this app.

The Amazon Firestick also supports audio books through Audible. It’s easy to turn the living room into a shared reading nook with the help of these audio books. Since Audible is an Amazon company, it has a huge selection of books available. Books do need to be purchased on an individual basis, but readers can access them through a variety of devices after they buy them.

Several podcast related apps are also available, which makes it easy for users to listen to their favorite shows through the Firestick.

As new audio streaming services come onto the market, the apps frequently appear on Amazon Firestick’s marketplace. Users can keep an eye out on the latest by going to the app page on Amazon and seeing the new and popular services that are highlighted.

amazon firestick apps and new games

Apps and Games

Amazon Firestick does more than video and audio streaming. It also has a robust selection of apps and games that expand the entertainment and utility options of this device. Here are a few of the many apps that are available:
Firefox for Fire TV: People can get internet browsing capabilities on their television. This version of Firefox is optimized for streaming video content from websites, with a particular focus on YouTube. It also uses the Pocket service to curate content and provide a variety of viewing options for users. They can easily save sites to this browser for easy access and use the Firestick’scontrols for video viewing;

Facebook: This optimized social media experience is designed for the television and the Firestick controls. Users get the same type of functionality that they do through the Facebook website, including notifications, the ability to post updates, access to messenger and even Facebook games;

Candy Crush Saga: This popular mobile game is also fun to play on the television. When players prefer a big-screen experience, they can use their Firestick VPN and get the Firestick game controller accessory to play Candy Crush Saga comfortably in their living room. This version has 100 levels and syncs with the Facebook version;

Crossy Road: This simple and fun video game brings to mind the Atari classic Frogger. The player’s goal is the same — get across a road in one piece. With over 150 characters to unlock and collect, it has a lot of replayability. The concept is simple so people of all ages and gaming experience can enjoy it.

amazon firestick smart home control

Voice Control and Smart Home Control

The latest versions of the Amazon Firestick have built-in Alexa support. This feature is useful for using voice commands to control the television experience. The Fire TV remote listens for any voice commands and quickly responds for a seamless, hands-free experience. Plus if someone loses the remote, then it’s still possible to use the Firestick with this option.

Another benefit of having an Alexa-enabled Firestick is integration with other smart home devices. It can act as a smart home hub and provide control over smart thermostats, locks, security systems, lights, and other devices. This type of control creates a welcoming home environment and no one has to get up from their favorite shows to turn on the AC or turn off the light.

amazon firestick allows display mirroring too

Display Mirroring

Older versions of the Amazon Firestick support a feature called Display Mirroring. When it’s activated, everything that’s on the user’s mobile device shows up on the television. This functionality is handy for sharing mobile content with an entire room of people, or streaming videos from services or websites that aren’t supported by the Firestick.

The Amazon Firestick does far more than simply stream video from Amazon Prime. It is a powerful device to have at the center of a home entertainment system, with games, radio, social media and more. It’s also a low-cost way to get Alexa capabilities in the user’s home, which opens up a lot of convenient commands.