Top 10 Best NFL Players To Interview

top 10 best nfl players to interview 2015

top 10 best nfl players to interview 2015

If last year’s Richard Sherman rant after the NFC title game tells us anything, it is that some players are just better interviews than others. Clichés are so boring and pathetic. I would much rather a guy simply say what he means and stand behind it. Even if it makes a player seem crazy, bragadocious, or too honest, I will take that over boring interviews any day. Here are my top ten NFL ballers that I like seeing interviewed.

jared allen best nfl interview 2015

  1. Jared Allen may no longer be with the Vikings but he is still the same weirdo he has always been. He may be in a new uniform but he will continue to make strange statements and have a good time with a mic in his face.

steve smith best nfl interviews 2015

  1. Steve Smith is the most intense receiver ever. He has a chip on his shoulder the size of Chip Kelly‘s brain. On more than one occasion I have heard him threaten to “hit him in the head” or do bodily harm “when I see him in the streets”. He is not all talk either. He is “likes to fight guy”.

cam newton best nfl interviews 2015

  1. Cam Newton is not a fun interview to watch, just interesting. When his team is going badly, he is absolutely a downer to watch. I don’t know why he would show this side of himself. He is supposed to be a leader of a NFL team, not the melancholy leader of an indie pop group.

peyton manning best nfl interviews

  1. Peyton Manning is a funny guy and gets to show it in longer interviews. Short ones are the standard talking points, but a good sit down interview with the QB legend is very entertaining.

robert griffin iii best nfl interviews 2015

  1. Robert Griffin III thinks he is much better at football than he really is. The more he talks the worse he looks. A train wreck is hard to turn away from, and that is where his career is headed.

tom brady best nfl interviews 2015

  1. Tom Brady gives honest answers most of the time and is old enough to care less what the media thinks. The guy has swagger galore and is not afraid to speak his mind.

roddy white best nfl interviews 2015

  1. Roddy White got some good face time on HBO’s Hard Knocks this year and he was a site. The wideout is a big time baller and trash talker. Love the guy.

wes walker bulge best nfl interview 2015

  1. Wes Welker says a lot of stuff his coach would rather him not. His foot fetish talk referring to Rex Ryan and his wife a few years ago was epic.

arian foster best nfl interviews 2015

  1. Arian Foster is a smart man playing a meathead game. He is not afraid to be different. He has stated that he was paid while in college, making no apologies. He is not seeking approval from anyone.

richard sherman best nfl interviews 2015

  1. The world was shocked at the gall of Richard Sherman to say he was the best at his job. People couldn’t believe his vitriol at his opponent across the field, that “sorry receiver Michael Crabtree”. I am glad he has confidence in himself, because he may be the best corner in the league. I am glad he hates his opponent. I see to much of the smiling and hugging after NFL games. Good old fashioned hate is OK in small doses.