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Steve Smith Sr. gets his shot at Mike Mitchell

Steve Smith Sr. has Chance to Knock Mike Mitchell off “Lifetime Hit List” Sunday

NFL Week 8 Full of Heart-Breaking Injuries

Wow. Week 8 was bad. I mean, the football wasn’t bad, in fact New York Giants at New Orleans Saints might have been the best game I’ve ever watched.

Top 10 Best NFL Players To Interview

If last year's Richard Sherman rant after the NFC title game tells us anything, it is that some players are just better interviews than others. Clichés are so boring and pathetic.

Steve Smith Not Close to Washed Up

If anyone thought that the Carolina Panthers were smart in dropping Steve Smith after last season, they need to check their own football IQ. Smith is making his old team look dumb, for lack of a more appropriate word.

NFL NFC South 2014 Season Preview

Since it was created in 2002, the NFC South has been the most competitive and exciting division in the NFL. In fact, the NFC South has never had a repeat champion in it's 12 seasons of existence

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