The cost of fitness app development

sexy fit man tying nike running shoes wearing wireless headphones app

To be healthy and fit is one of the most popular trends nowadays. The high demand stimulated the fast growth of the market that provides healthcare and fitness services. Startups projects offer a wide range of different fitness applications including workout apps, healthy eating programs, and fitness activity tracking apps. To launch your own fitness app and win the hearts of your target audience, you need to implement the key fitness app features such as steps counters, workout programs, diet plans, social media integration and more. But how much does it cost to add all this functionality to your app’s tech stack?

If you are a startup company, most likely that you are looking for a way to build a viable fitness app at a minimum cost. In this case, you should consider the following steps while planning your development budget.

Conduct market research

First, you have to conduct thorough research of the current market. Analyze the products of your future competitors and find out what unique solutions one can yet offer in order to make their mobile fitness service profitable. For this purpose, you can either perform self-dependent research or spend money on professional market research.

Build an MVP

The second step is to decide on features you would like your fitness app to have. The best option for a startup project is to create an MVP that will include the basic functionality, which you can expand later based on your users’ behavior.

App monetization

If you want to earn money with your app, think about ways how to monetize it from the start. You can choose among the standard types of monetization such as free app with ads, freemium or in-app purchases. For instance, freemium model will allow users to use your app for free. But if they want to try on special features they will have to pay.

Find the dedicated development team

To transform your business ideas into a working product, you need to find the team experienced in mobile app development. If you want to cut down expenses and yet build a user-friendly and competitive app, consider looking for an outsourcing development company from abroad.

If you need your fitness app to work on all devices, you should hire a development team that will build native apps for both iOS and Android platforms or to offer you a cross-platform solution.

Note that app development process also comprises such accompanying services as business analysis, quality assurance, and project management. Apart from that make sure to include costs on ongoing maintenance and yearly updates.

Include costs on UI/UX

Providing a user-friendly and appealing interface for your fitness app is also important. It’s better to forgo some advanced features but request a stylish design and ease navigation.

Promote your app

Once you launch your mobile fitness app on public app stores, make sure to promote your app. If you do not want to spend much money on advertising, use low-cost methods such as push notifications, social networks, special offers, and discounts.