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Tags Vladimir Putin

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Donald Trump’s ‘treason’ talk fact check

Donald Trump has been throwing the treason word around when it comes to the Russia investigation. Here's a look at the facts behind that claim.

Donald Trump’s drug prices and trade need some fact checking

Donald Trump has been at rallys declaring that drug prices are dropping while trade couldn't be better in America. Here are the real facts behind the claims.

Donald Trump’s economic, Vladimir Putin myths continue

Donald Trump continues creating numbers that have no fact about the economy, Vladimir Putin and Robert Mueller's Russia report. Here are the real facts.

Donald Trump couldn’t resist calling Putin about Mueller Report, Russian Hoax

Donald Trump had a long chat with Vladimir Putin to discuss Robert Muellers's report along with the Russian Hoax.

Donald Trump goes on Russia Twitter rant while having President’s Day sale

Donald Trump is spending President's Day holiday weekend slashing prices on his reelection campaign merchandise website and blaming everyone for the Florida Shooting to Robert Mueller's Russia indictment except Russia, of course.

How Facebook and Twitter got played by Russian propaganda

U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's election interference indictment showed how easily social media giants Facebook and Twitter got played by Russian proganda agents. Russian bot continued provoking dissent about gun control after the Florida Parkland massacre over the weekend.

Vladimir Putin now more trustworthy than Donald Trump

Who would have thought that President Donald Trump could wind up making Vladimir Putin look trustworthy next to him?

Alex Jones major effect on Megyn Kelly plus Selena Gomez

Celebrity Gossip: Wonder Woman vs Thor, Oliver Stone takes up for Putin, Selena Gomez talks and Megyn Kelly feels Alex Jones effect.

Selena Gomez enjoying her long Weeknd plus Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Leftovers’

Justin Bieber has lost Selena Gomez to Weeknd, Megyn Kelly doing Vladimir Putin and Alex Jones and Leftovers for Jennifer Aniston.

Megyn Kelly Putin in her time with NBC debut as Fox News rebuilds

As Fox News struggles to rebuild itself, Megyn Kelly comes out strong with Vladimir Putin interview on NBC.

Microsoft saves the day on WannCry?

Guess one can still count on Microsoft during a worldwide crisis. But could it be genuine altruism or heroism or a long-term preventive measure?

Ryan Seacrest not Kelly Ripa’s top choice and Kris Jenner can’t get a break

Mega celebrity gossip back! Kelly Ripa not so happy with Ryan Seacrest pick, no breaks for Kris Jenner, Donald Trump ad ban, and Ben Affleck out of Jennifer Garner's guest house.

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