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Trent Richardson ready to get back to NFL after CFL season

Trent Richardson Sets Sights on NFL Again After Successful Season in Canadian Football League

Trent Richardson blames lax NFL rules for laziness and weight gain

Everyone remember Trent Richardson? The former Alabama Crimson Tide running back, No. 3 overall pick, and 2011 Heisman Trophy finalist has yet to find his footing in the NFL.

Trent Richardson talks Ravens, Moochers and Obesity

As Trent Richardson gets ready for what surely will be his last shot at a decent NFL career with the Ravens, he has opened up about what has derailed him as a pro.

Indianapolis Colts ‘Trick’ Play Confuses Media, Fans, Patriots & Themselves

Do you all remember when the Indianapolis Colts traded a first-round pick for Trent Richardson? Well, it only took them a little over two years to top that in terms of stupidity.

Robert Griffin III & Trent Richardson’s NFL Futures Fading Rapidly

It’s not looking good for 2nd and 3rd overall picks in the 2012 NFL Draft. Andrew Luck is doing pretty well, but Robert Griffin III and Trent Richardson may be starting at the end of their careers after being benched and cut this week, respectively.

2015 NFL Draft: Does Melvin Gordon have First Round Talent?

It’s been two consecutive years now since a NFL franchise has drafted a running back drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft. That year, the Cleveland Browns selected Trent Richardson with the 3th overall pick in the draft

Don’t Draft Another Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson was going to be a dominant NFL running back. I was sure of it and many others had the same notion. That includes the team that drafted him in 2012, the Cleveland Browns. Richardson has proved us all wrong so far.

Real Estate Agents Potential NFL Client List

When NFL players sign that enormous contract, they usually wind up splurging on that just as enormous new home, not thinking that the winds of fortune can change just as quickly as a Kardashian finding a new marketing opportunity.

How To Get High-Value Quarterback In Fantasy Football Later Rounds

Every year I get asked when the best time to draft a quarterback is. Fantasy owners want a good quarterback, but often they don’t want to spend a first, second, or third round pick necessary to grab Peyton Manning or Drew Brees off the board.

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