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Donald Trump reacts to transition team problems

Since President-elect Donald Trump is working hard to keep the press out of his transition loop, leaks are already happening claiming that there's plenty of power play problems going on inside the camp.

Is Google’s simpler website testing tool ready for prime time?

On Friday Google launched a new tool aimed at business owners sto know if their mobile websites are good enough. Actually, it's like a Swiss army knife where it determines mobile-friendliness, mobile speed and desktop speed

NFL equals big tobacco? Let the New York Times lawsuit begin

The NFL has made it pretty damn clear to the New York Times how they feels about the comparisons to Big Tobacco. It's looking increasingly likely that the NFL will sue the Times for the article linking the National Football League to tobacco companies.

NFL demands The New York Times retraction after CTE lawsuit hits

You remember that article that The New York Times published last week about the NFL claiming they significantly altered the concussion research they funded and essentially comparing them to Big Tobacco?

DraftKings Weekly Fantasy Football Picks 2015

There was a lot of DraftKings news this week. with The New York Times seemingly making it their mission to paint daily fantasy sports as the devil incarnate.

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