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Richard Branson’s space tourism nears reality while Elon Musk ‘pedo’ tweet goes courtside

Richard Branson brings space tourism one step closer to reality while Tesla's Elon Musk goes to court for tweeting that a cave diver was a pedophile.

Facebook goes crypto, 5G security prep plus Tesla tries again

Facebook wants to get into cryptocurrency which looks more like loyalty points, security experts prepare for 5G threats, and Tesla tries raising money again.

Driverless cars won’t be hitting streets for many years. Here’s why.

For those worrying about driverless cars suddenly hitting your highways, we've got 5 big reasons why that won't be happening anytime soon.

Elon Musk advances Tesla driverless cars to win autonomy race

Despite setbacks for Tesla, Elon Musk is determined to win the driverless car race for autonomy.

Democrats revive ‘net neutrality’ battle while electric cars go mainstream again

Democrats bring back the net neutrality battle with Republicans, battery operated cars making a comeback and AT&T focuses on streaming with Time Warner merger.

Autonomous cars in full swing again

We asked some time ago whether or not self-driving cars were really ready for prime time. Google, Apple and several other car manufacturers have been developing these for some time.

Are Self-Driving Cars Really Ready for Prime Time?

A moment of silence for Ohio resident Mr. Joshua Brown. Obviously a lover of technology, ready to embrace the new. He got himself a Tesla Model S and put its auto-pilot feature through its paces

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