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Donald Trump facing possible tax fines

Donald Trump could be facings tens of millions in civil fines to the IRS if state and federal authorities find a New York Times scathing investigation to be accurate on how the president really made his fortune.

Fact checking Donald Trump’s tax plan claims

It goes without saying that the one person who will benefit 'big league' from Donald Trump's tax plan is Donald Trump. He's been boasting that his one-page plan will overhaul and fix the U.S. tax code

What tax breaks are in trouble under Donald Trump’s tax plan?

President Donald Trump made some big promises about overhauling the tax plan in America. He used all the loopholes he benefited from as evidence of knowing what needs to be fixed.

Robots that Replace Skilled Labor Should Pay Taxes

If there’s anything in the world that can unite everyone, whatever race, class, political belief, religion or gender alignment; that we can all agree on, except maybe people who work in internal revenue offices, is that paying taxes suck.

Uncle Sam racking up on American Olympic Medals

Not even the best athletes in the world can out maneuver the tax man. Come to find out, ole Uncle Sam cometh for world class Olympic performers just like he goes after the average blue or white collar worker.

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