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Facebook’s data weapons plus Netflix $100 million ‘Friends’

Once again, Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has been caught red handed weaponizing users data without their knowledge while Netflix competes hard with $100 million for Friends and Lyft ready to go public in Uber war.

‘Stranger Things 2’ makes things stranger and better

"Stranger Things" Season 2 may not be perfect, it's more than enough to entertain and thrill nearly all fans of Season 1.

‘Stranger Things’: What Season 2 told us to expect for Season 3

Stranger Things Season 2 answered some questions from last season, but we have a few more to ask for Season 3 now.

Meet Don Saladino, the man behind David Harbour’s ‘Hellboy’ new body

David Harbour didn't get into that amazing "Hellboy" shape alone, he had fitness trainer to the stars Don Saladino putting him through his paces. The trailer talks about how he got Chief Jim Hopper off those donuts and into such great shape.

David Harbour talks ‘Stranger Things’ and becoming a fan favorite

"Stranger Things" David Harbour talks about Chief Jim Hopper and his evolution in Season 2 along with being the cool uncle to the younger cast members.

Heroes and Zeros: ‘Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard vs John Kelly

"Stranger Things" Finn Wolfhard is our hero of the week for standing up for what's right and John Kelly zeros out for the bad taste he's leaving on our military.

‘Stranger Things’ gets Comic-Con excited with freaky new trailer

One of the more anticipated panels at Comic-Con Saturday was for "Stranger Things," and it did not disappoint. 

‘Stranger Things’ and Winona Ryder reactions steal SAG Awards

Awards shows are usually the time when actors get to make heated political acceptance speeches and after such a politically charged weekend, they went full speed ahead including the winners of Netflix's "Stranger Things" which resulted

‘La La Land,’ ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Atlanta’ sweep 2017 PGA Awards

"La La Land" is easily sweeping up all the awards this year, but Netflix's "Stranger Things" jumped in on the action along with "Atlanta" for the 28th annual Producers Guild Awards (PGA).

Top 5 TV Shows and The Software That Got Them There

Animations, computer generated imagery (CGI), visual effects and special effects have the power to stretch the limits of the human imagination, boldly creating that which is beyond the barriers of our physical reality.

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