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Rebecca Wins? SHE’S GOT GAME Finale Recap

It's the finale of She’s Got Game, and it really is all or nothing, at least according to these ladies. It is the final day and The Game has to make a decision- who will be his new woman.

SHE’S GOT GAME 109 Recap

The family affair continues on this episode of She’s Got Game, as momma and grandmomma are still at the house and the girls are still trying to impress them. The remaining four girls have a tough fight on their hands because the two women in Game’s life do not play.

SHE’S GOT GAME 108 Recap

It is winding down on She’s Got Game and things have gotten pretty interesting.

Sierra Alston Talks Walking Off SHE’S GOT GAME & Her Eye Candy

You may recognize her as the “classy one” from VH1’s She’s Got Game, but there is more to Sierra Alston than a pretty face and a short lived run on a reality TV Show.

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