SHE’S GOT GAME 108 Recap

shes got game 108 recap images 2015

shes got game 108 recap images 2015It is winding down on She’s Got Game and things have gotten pretty interesting.

On this week’s episode, the five remaining chicks really show their place in Jayceon’s heart. We are told before the show even starts that due to events that happened while cameras were not rolling, Pricilla removed herself from the competition. I’m going to clue you into what that really means before I go on. She is accusing The Game of “touching” her and is now suing him for $10 million alleging sexual assult. Yep, that’s what she’s doing.

Now moving on, the girls and Game are in Miami and it is pretty clear that the stakes are high. In just a few weeks it’s go time and the new Mrs. Game will be chosen. Wanting to relax and chill before getting to work, The Game throws a party for himself, the girls and his friends.

So he brings together the people who brought him the girls that are left to get their opinion and to talk to them about what has been going on. He is definitely feeling Shyona as she is all up in his face the whole time, making the others feel a certain kind of way and all of them have a strategy to get to him except Briona. And she really doesn’t care to have one either because all she wants to do is drink and turn up.

The pool party is popping as everyone maxes and relaxes. Actress Lisa Raye talks to Game about Rebecca the girl she brought to the competition and tells Game that the other girls are not the business. She especially thinks that Jennifer is boring as hell.

Briona’ meets with her “mentor” and he tells her to chill because she is drinking way too much. But she doesn’t care. She takes some Hennessey to the head in the pool and just throws the whole bottle back. I mean this chick just does not stop and she doesn’t listen to anyone, including her mentor.

While Briona is over there acting like a child, Elle, who has been extremely aggressive during other episodes, has a talk with her mentor who tells her she needs to take it easy and charm Game. He knows about her behavior and says that she should be strategic and keep it cool. She says okay but does exactly the opposite. Even Game’s other friends tell her to calm down but she, like Briona, does not listen. I guess it’s just something about that liquor. She chases Game in the pool, grabs his junk, lets her nipples hang out and throws a glass of wine at somebody. She is off the chain and even her mentor, whom she steadily splashes with water, wants to send her ass home.

Then there is Jennifer and her mentor tells her that she needs to do something to get Game’s attention so what does she do- run a bubble bath… upstairs… in the middle of the pool party. She gets Game to come up stairs, which he eventually does. They get in the tub, laugh and drink champagne but it gets old real quick. And by old I mean boring. Jennifer actually drifts off to sleep and there is awkward silence between them. He ends up getting out the bath to go back to the pool party because it’s clear he was bored.

Back at the pool, Shyona gets most of the face time which makes Rebecca does not like but as Lisa Raye tells her, she stays cool.

The next day, Briona is hung over to the max, Elle is embarrassed at her behavior and actually says that she doesn’t remember half the stuff she did the night before which I personally find hard to believe. Her mentor ends up having a private conversation with Game and asks to withdraw her from the competition because of how she acted. Game says yes and bam, she’s gone.

After a drunken night of partying, guess what happens. The Game’s mom and grandma visits. The house is a mess, the girls aren’t ready and their overall first impression is not great to say the least. Especially Briona who ends up getting sick, throwing up in the bathroom from all the drinking and is taken to the hospital making her miss the dinner with Game’s family.

At dinner, no one likes the restaurant, which Jennifer picked. It feeds into the storyline on this episode that she is boring even to the point where every time she tries to speak during dinner, she is interrupted, which is actually quite funny.

That’s where it ended and it looks like Briona may actually get sent home next week. Now of course I am just speculating so you have to come back and see for sure, but after how she acted, I don’t know how she won’t.