LOVE & HIP HOP HOLLYWOOD 204 Nikki Gets Lil Fizzed Up

love hip hop hollywood 204 nikki lil fizz recap 2015

love hip hop hollywood 204 nikki lil fizz recap 2015Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is on and popping. While I prefer the Atlanta franchise myself, this one has its own brand of ratchedness that fits right in with the overall tone of all the shows. There is a lot going on so here is what went down.

Brandi is crazy as hell as it picks right back up from last week when she busted into Max’s session. Everyone clears out and she grills her husband as to what was going on. He says nothing but she keeps pushing him. He ends up leaving the studio and actually doesn’t go home for a couple of days. She finally hears from him and he comes back to the house to talk. She tells him how she feels, kind of, and he is cool and collected the whole time. He tells her that he doesn’t wear his ring because it’s a representation of her and she’s crazy. Max ends up leaving the house, throwing the wedding ring off in the yard somewhere and driving away. Brandi is not only mad as hell, but embarrassed that the neighbors saw everything. Because that’s what’s important right now.

Princess and Ray J have a conversation where he tells her that he wants her to be home and that she doesn’t need to be at Drake’s house, etc. This peeks her interest because the only way for him to have known that is for Teairra Marie to have told him. They have an argument where she pretty much lets him know that she is going to go out and get a life because he does the same thing. He doesn’t like it, says okay have a good life and kisses her on the cheek.

She later meets with Apryl and tells her what happened, in particular about him knowing where she’s been. Princess tells her that she thinks TM is messing with her and trying to sabotage her relationship. She tests Teairra by sending her a text inviting her to Vegas for a girl’s weekend. If Ray confronts Princess about it, then she knows TM is no good.

Which she should have known from the beginning as TM, while hanging out with Amber and Monice, sends a text message to Ray J letting him know about the Vegas trip. Ugh… such a loser.

Miles is troubled by the fight he had with Milan and goes to Hazel to get some clarity on the situation. He meets her during one of her sessions and tells her that he messed up and is willing to do what he needs to in order be with her bestie, Milan. She tells him that he needs to do something to show that, which he does.

The two later have dinner and Miles is more open with his interaction with Milan at the restaurant. He even shows him a tattoo of a crown with two “M”’s on it, which really touches Milan.

The situation between Fizz and Kamiyah gets pretty ugly as a popular male blogger Jason Lee gets involved. Let me say here that this dude is catty and messy as hell. Kamiyah goes to him talking about her relationship with Fizz and ends up telling him that her former lover can’t get it up and so on. She is definitely messy, but she is a woman, we are known for being that sometimes. But Jason? I just can’t with him.

Nikki and Fizz rekindle whatever thing they had going on and they go on a “day date” so that he can show her his “boss man” moves. He is part owner of a theatre and takes her there. She tells him about meeting with Jason Lee so that he can help with marketing for her lingerie line. Fizz says he doesn’t like that guy because he’s messy.

She meets with him anyway and also brings Hazel into the mix to help her with PR as she used to be a publicist. Before she arrives at the lunch, Jason tells Nikki that he doesn’t like Hazel and that she was never a publicist, which Nikki didn’t know the two had an issue. Hazel gets to the table and it is clear they feel a certain way about each other. They go back and forth and this fool throws a fucking drink in Hazel’s face… like a bitch… and then walks away. What man do you know will do some shit like that? A punk ass bitch one. Like seriously, I could not believe what I just saw. Neither could Nikki.

The episode ends with Nikki at Fizz’s house as the two wait for Kamiyah to come get her things. The plastic surgery loving Nikki tells her boo thang what happened with Jason Lee and Hazel and he looks both disgusted and disturbed. Kamiyah finally comes in and things get heated between her and Nikki. She throws stuff, Fizz puts her out, they cuss, they fuss, she punches him in the face. I’m like damn where is she from Inglewood?

There is truly never a dull moment on this show and next week looks to be just as juicy.