Rebecca Wins? SHE’S GOT GAME Finale Recap

Rebecca Wins shes got game finale 2015 images

Rebecca Wins shes got game finale 2015 imagesIt’s the finale of She’s Got Game, and it really is all or nothing, at least according to these ladies. It is the final day and The Game has to make a decision- who will be his new woman. The prize doesn’t seem so worth it after everything these ladies went through, but as they say, every broken down shoe has his match somewhere.

The Game brings the girls’ moms to the house and they are overwhelmed with joy. The girls spend time with their mothers and fill them in on what has been going on. Shyona’s mom is not playing as she is “hard core.” Game is going to have to convince her that he’s good enough for her daughter.

Rebecca tells her mom how she feels about the other girls. Her mom is “a real Christian woman” so it is going to be really hard for Game to impress her. Rebecca realizes how much she loves Game as she speaks to her mother. She is convinced that she and Game will be a family.

Game spends time with the moms alone and Shyona is nervous about “what’s about to happen.” They girl go off to get their “nails done” while their moms have lunch with their man. He wants their mothers to know that their daughters are in good hands. He tells them that he hasn’t slept with their daughters. He tells them that he needs love and support because he wants to be an open book to the girls’ moms about who he is and where he’s from.

Briona is worried because her mother is just like her, therefore she doesn’t know what she will say. During Game’s lunch, Briona’s mom pretty much paints her as a child, which we all know she is, not on purpose but because she probably has nothing else to say about her. Rebecca’s mom drops some knowledge on him about what holds a relationship together- love.

After speaking with them, he goes to get the girls and Briona is on pins and needles. The girls walk them out and go back in to meet with Game again, because surprise, he is eliminating one of them right now. “We’re at a point were somebody has to go home.” It is a hard decision because “no one is missing anything.” He sends home, nonetheless, Briona. Thank God! But this bitch says, “Game picking older women didn’t work from his before and won’t work for him now. He’ll be back.” Um… ugh… just shut up. I knew it would be down to these two.

So now he is going to take each girl out on a yacht for one final date. Things aren’t going the great because of the weather on his date with Rebecca. The water is tumultuous and Game is feeling queasy. The stewardess gives him a pill, which knocks him out. Super whack.

Rebecca tries to occupy herself in the hot tub but can’t stand not being able to talk to him. She wakes him up (it’s dark now) and they spend the rest of the night together, but Game knows he has some making up to do.

The next day he has his date with Shyona and the weather is better than the day before. They have a good connection for sure it is more natural than with Rebecca, BUT I still do favor her over Shyona.

Back at the house, Lisa Raye pays a visit to Rebecca who is feeling a certain kind of way about Game being on the date with Shyona. She is nervous because she feels that Game likes Shyona just as much as he does her but in a different kind f way. Which I understand. Rebecca is too intense sometimes I think with him. To him, Shyona is pretty perfect.

Game is very torn about who to pick. Lolo and Lisa Raye join him on the boat him and give him advice on why each one lady is better for him. Lolo talks about Shyona’s confidence and not being jealous which is what he needs with his life style. Lisa Raye says that’s all bullshit because a woman who is really down for you will not be okay with other chicks all up on her man and her girl, Rebecca, is just that. Even with their advice, he is still undecided.

Everything happens on the yacht and Shyona and Rebecca look amazing. During the confessional, they both say why they believe they are the best for Game and mention why the other is not. Shyona throws major shade at Rebecca calling her “weak minded.”

Game asks the girls why they love him and they give their Miss America answers.  He gets choked up and walks away, “I’m not going to choose.” They are shocked. He finally returns and Shyona tells him they deserve to know. And the lucky lady is Rebecca.

Shyona is pissed off, “How dare you do that to me?” Um do what, Shy? You knew this was how it would end, you just thought it’d be you boo.

He picked my favorite and I called it from the beginning.