LOVE & HIP HOP HOLLYWOOD 206: Miles Almost Comes Out To Amber

love hip hop hollywood miles almost comes out 2015 images

love hip hop hollywood 206 miles almost comes out 2015 imagesSome hot button topics in our community get hit hard on this episode of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” and they are going all the way in.

Princess talks about her future as she moves out of Ray T’s house.  Since they decided to break up, she is excited and is ready for what life will bring her.

Hazel’s music career is “on fire “as she shows off her new crib in the hills (Kat Williams must be treating her well). She and Teairra Marie converse on her porch and she tells her about what happened with Jason Lee at lunch with Nikki. TM laughs but in her confession, she says that he is wrong. TM then tells her about her fake friendship with Princess. She feels like she has every right to play her because of how she and Ray J humiliated her last year.

Princess tells Apryl that she found out TM is a rat and plans to confront her about it.  She says that whatever goes down when she tells her about herself is just what goes dow.

Brandi and Nikki have a stretching session in the park and Brandi reveals that things are not going good with her and Max so she is focusing on her friends. Awwww. Nikki tells her about what happened with Jason Lee at lunch as well and how Kamiyah went off on her and Fizz at his house. Brandi is not having it (on both situations), and is about to shut that shit down because you know, she is a fire starter and not afraid to get into it. Nikki invites her to a pampering event and lets her know that Jason will be there too. Hmmm, this should be good.

Miles records a video for his first video “West Coast” and his rapper persona is in TOTAL contrast of his real lifestyle. He is so torn up about what happened between Milan and him that he can’t even concentrate on his video shoot. In the meantime, Milan is doing a photo shoot himself, on the beach in the nude and doesn’t take his calls. Along with dealing with Milan, Miles feels bad about leading on Amber. So in order for him to get everything out in the open with her, he finds a couple’s therapist, so that he can come out to her. She is in for a rude awakening.

In preparation of his convo with Amber is goes to church and spends some time alone. He knows telling Amber is telling the world.

Amber is excited about their upcoming meeting. She has lunch with her sister Angel and tells her “I love him… this is not a walk in the park… not a prom date.” Miles is always there, she loves him with everything and he is [like] the father of his child. Her sister tells her to “open your eyes baby I know you love him…” Amber tells her that they have been talking about counseling and they have a session so that should be a good sign.

Will talks about his issues with his ex-manager because apparently, his issues with his current record label (and the co-owner Harry), are worse than he has been letting on. He reveals that his wife, Shanda, doesn’t really know where they are financially. He asks his friend if he can come his way and he tells Willie, “you have to be out of that situation… I can’t even bring you over here.” Willie you have some work to do.

He gets a chance to meet with Harry and explains to him the pressure he is under. Harry listens to him and tells him that they can come up with a plan, which is not good enough for Willie. He asked to get out of his contract and Harry is taken aback as he wasn’t expecting that.

Nikki and Brandi are at her branding event and Jason and Kamiyah show up. He extends his hand to Brandi and she doesn’t shake it. “I heard about you.” She calls him Sponge Bob on Steroids (hilarious). She has zero tolerance and goes in on him and he tells Nikki “I’m not going to talk to your little Chihuahua. Ugh… He is so messy. Brandi throws water in his face, Nikki tells him he’s wrong and it all just blows up too quickly. Kamiyah remains quite but only for a second and it turns a four way screaming match

The day comes for TM and princess to meet. Princess has Apryl and her girls and TM has Moniece, who does not like either one of them. Princess asks TM if she has been in contact with Ray and the bitch confirms it. All Princess can say is, “Typical.” TM tells her that she had it coming for what she did with Ray. Seriously, TM trick get over it. You have no idea how bad you look and over what, some dude? They go back and forth, Princess gets a good hit in on her and they are separated by the crew.

Things calm down a little but TM is on fire. Princess just wants to get to the bottom of everything but TM is just all kinds of ratchet, she spits at the girl. Nasty ass.

In the end, the time comes for Miles to tell Amber. He actually breaks down crying when the therapist asks him to go over with her what he will say to Amber as she hasn’t arrived yet.

But we have to wait until next week to find out what happens and from the previews, it does not look good … but does it.