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Fabricio Werdum leading the way toward UFC Reebok Protest

Fabricio Werdum made it pretty clear how he feels about Reebok being the across-the-board sponsor for all UFC fighters.

MMA in 2016: What to Expect

By its very nature, MMA is an unpredictable sport. From the fighters to the promoters, as well as the fans and the coaches, there’s no shortage of excitement for onlookers to enjoy—from both inside and outside of the cage.

4 Biggest MMA Disappointments of 2015

MMA is the most exciting sport around today, and as its popularity has grown to reflect this excitement, so has the number of awesome moments—and disappointments—that it brings.

Jon Jones: This is How Legends Die

Jon Jones future is in real jeopardy, not only as a MMA superstar, but as a guy that has the freedom to walk around everyday society. Jones' latest misstep happened in New Mexico after he allegedly ran a red light, crashing into another vehicle.

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