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The Sentai Series that Inspired Power Rangers

The new Power Rangers movie is currently earning modest returns and reception among its fans. The costumes, the action and the Zords were cool even though they were mostly seen in the film’s final act.

‘Power Rangers’ movie not bad, not great but better than original review

Well, that was, interesting. No, it wasn’t a bad movie compared to the very first Power Rangers film. That film was terribly childish and atrocious. Even for a kid like me who watched it.

‘CHIPS’ flops while ‘Beauty’ stays ahead of ‘Power Rangers’ at box office

Not everyone is ready to watch something from the past get to the big screen, and the badly reviewed "CHIPS" learned that quickly while "Beauty and the Beast" along with "Power Rangers" powered their way to the top

Hollywood’s tiny dip into LGBT pool with ‘Power Rangers’ Trini, Sulu and LeFou

While many people love saying that Hollywood is so liberal, there are still many topics that make the major studios nervous. Now that a few high-profile studio movies have added gay characters to their mainstream films

A Look Ahead To Spring Blockbusters

We tend to think of the summer as a time for sequels, remakes, and superhero dramas, and 2017 will be no exception. However, in a break from tradition we’re going to see an unusually high number of big budget action flicks

Elizabeth Banks brings out new ‘Power Rangers’ Rita Repulsa looks

With the "Power Rangers" movie hitting in March 2017, the Lionsgate marketing machine has begun and Elizabeth Banks is the latest with new Rita Repulsa images hitting.

New ‘Power Rangers’ Megazord Looks Like an Endboss

The Power Rangers is a long-running TV series that continues to this day as long as Japan produces Super Sentai series. At any point since the series was first released, most movie audiences would have seen an incarnation

What if the DC’s Lantern Corps Were Power Rangers?

Geoff Johns really revolutionized the Green Lantern and DCs cosmic mythologies with his various lantern corps idea which culminated in the Blackest Night saga. If only the Green Lantern film didn't suck with most audiences

Power Rangers: The Marvel Connection

The new Power Rangers movie is now in full swing. And though the franchise has been through many incarnations and teams, the movie could be based on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series which took America by storm.

‘Power Rangers’ Ricardo Medina Jr Arrested & Charged in Sword Stabbing Murder

It's been nearly a year since "Power Rangers" star Ricardo Medina Jr was arrested in connection with the murder of his roommate Joshua Sutter, and today's he's been arrested again but charged this time.

POWER RANGERS Ricardo Medina Jr. Arrested For Deadly Sword Action

How ironic when the role you're most famous for as a mysterious sword-wielding Power Rangers also makes you famous again when you're arrested for murdering your roommate with a sword.

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