A Look Ahead To Spring Blockbusters

A Look Ahead To Spring Blockbusters 2017 images

We tend to think of the summer as a time for sequels, remakes, and superhero dramas, and 2017 will be no exception. However, in a break from tradition we’re going to see an unusually high number of big budget action flicks looking to dominate the box office this spring. Here’s a look ahead at the slate for a few of the movies we’re curious about.

power ranges 2 movie poster 2017

“Power Rangers”

You’ll find all kinds of different opinions out there about the forthcoming “Power Rangers” reboot. While some see these characters as glorified action figures, there are those who believe this could be the start of a major new franchise in the vein of the Marvel or DC universes. We actually don’t know too much about the movie yet and the cast is largely comprised of unknowns, but the film got a big credibility boost recently when a new trailer showed actor Bryan Cranston in his role as Zordon. Cranston will likely be fun, but this movie could be anything from a disaster to a sensation.

fate of the furiours movie

“The Fate Of The Furious”

We released some images and trailer material from this latest “Fast & Furious” installment last month, and it looks like we’re in for another wild ride. It’ll be sad to see this franchise continue without the late Paul Walker, but Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson can absolutely carry an action movie. “The Fate of The Furious” will be directed by “Straight Outta Compton’s” F. Gary Gray and is out April 12.

guardians of the galaxy volume 2 movie images

“Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2”

There are all kinds of reasons people are excited for this superhero sequel. Sylvester Stallone has a mystery role, Kurt Russell is on board, and if the trailer is any indication then we’re in for a heavy dose of the wildly popular Baby Groot. There are plenty of people who mostly just want to hear the new soundtrack (Awesome Mix Vol. 2), after the songs of the first film became such a hit. There’s a good bet that this one will wind up being the highest earning film on this list and probably one of the biggest films of the year when it drops on May 5.

the mummy movie 2017

“The Mummy”

There are actually plenty of people who remember 1999’s “The Mummy” rather fondly. It was always a fun movie and it more or less defined Brendan Fraser’s career. Even today, nearly 20 years after its release, it’s the subject of one of many slot arcades featured at gaming sites online, along with a handful of other popular and iconic movies. Playing the game, you can’t help but be reminded of enjoying the original by the symbols on the slot reels and scenes in the background. But now, as usual this time of year, it’s remake time. Tom Cruise is taking the reins of a film that has a lot of pressure on it to do well as it’s expected to kick off a huge connected monster movie franchise for Universal. It looks absurd, but it could just be a blast when it gets the marks the end of the spring and beginning of the summer movie season when it comes out on June 9.

alien covenant

Alien: Covenant”

Ridley Scott’s latest addition to the “Alien” franchise is actually generating quite a lot of buzz. Despite the generally mediocre response to “Prometheus,” people seem eager to see more of David (Michael Fassbender) and Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace). Add James Franco and Guy Pearce to the project and this is a legitimate heavyweight cast. It should also be a unique atmospheric thrill—so much so, in fact, that it’s reportedly inspired its own virtual reality game, which is relatively new territory for blockbuster projects. The latest film in the series will be here May 19.

pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales 2017 images

“Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”

It’s safe to say that the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” series has fallen out of favor with increasingly silly installments over the years, but Johnny Depp pledged not to come back for a fifth film without a script he could believe in. There’s always hope they’ll revert to the charms and thrills that made “The Curse Of The Black Pearl” such a resounding success. We’ll find out how loyal the fan base is when the box office numbers come in, but here’s hoping for a surprise hit! Jack Sparrow will set sail once again on May 26.