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Just how did that Aaron Hernandez murder conviction get erased?

Many people are wondering how Aaron Hernandez got that Odin Lloyd murder conviction erased from his record, and here's how it was done and why.

Aaron Hernandez may force New England Patriots payout

Aaron Hernandez is dead, along with Odin Lloyd, who he murdered. However, because Hernandez died before he was able to exhaust all his appeals, the state of Massachusetts has officially vacated the murder conviction.

Judge Rejects Aaron Hernandez Request

It doesn't come as a surprise that the Massachusetts judge who heard the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez has rejected his legal teams motions to throw out his first-degree conviction or at least reduce it to second-degree murder.

Legal Wranglings Begin For Aaron Hernandez Co-defendant

While Aaron Hernandez's legal team is working overtime to have a judge overturn his first-degree murder conviction due to possible jury corruption, the former New England Patriot's tight end's co-defendant is claiming police coercion to keep evidence out of his trial.

Aaron Hernandez Odin Lloyd Murder Charges Continue For Ortiz & Wallace

The Odin Lloyd murder trial continues for two more men who's been accused of serving as Aaron Hernandez's accomplices in his shooting death. Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz have been accused of joining with former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez to Odin in 2013 are due in court on Friday

Aaron Hernandez’s Lawyers Continue Push To Overturn Conviction

Rumors may continue claiming that Aaron Hernandez is broke and can't afford his attorneys, but that hasn't stopped them from working round the clock to get his murder conviction overturned.

Aaron Hernandez Juror Off Limits To Attorneys

As Aaron Hernandez's attorneys have been pushing to get his murder conviction overturned for a new trial due to possible jury corruption, a judge has put a crimp in their plans.

Aaron Hernandez Saga Continues With Witness Intimidation Arraignment

It seems that former New England Patriots football player Aaron Hernandez just can't keep out of trouble, even the day before he's arraigned for his second major criminal case, witness intimidation.

Aaron Hernandez Appeal Could Change Things As His Saga Continues

The jury might have found NFL star Aaron Hernandez guilty of first-degree murder in the slaying of Odin L. Lloyd, but his appellate team is already scouring the trial transcript in preparation to filing their brief.

Aaron Hernandez’s New World Begins Plus His Saga Continues

Aaron Hernandez appears to have adapted well to prison life while he was awaiting trial, so many are probably already thinking that he's got an easy ride since he'll be quite the celebrity there.

Hernandez Gets Lifetime To Aaron Out Prison Laundry

Aaron Hernandez will have plenty of time to work the gangster lifestyle that he apparently loved more than being a professional football player. The former Patriots tight end was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison today.

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