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Roger Goodell fights to keep Oakland out of Las Vegas

Roger Goodell is Ready to Fight Against Raiders Potential Relocation to Las Vegas

Oakland Raiders likely move to Las Vegas

Oakland Raiders Move to Las Vegas Seems Probable as Owners Seek to Extend CBA for Funding

Oakland Raiders Mark Davis getting pushback on Las Vegas move

Mark Davis May See Increased Pushback from Owners, Bay Area Leaders over Las Vegas Move

Khalil Mack Sacks Broncos

Khalil Mack Shines, Brock Osweiler Regresses as Denver Broncos Fall to Oakland Raiders at Home

Roger Goodell Continues to Tease as NFL Los Angeles Time Line Pushed Back

We all know Roger Goodell is going to do what he wants and couldn’t care less about what you, I, the players, the teams, common sense, or human decency have to say about it

Disney CEO Bob Iger Wants Oakland Raiders & San Diego Chargers in L.A. Next Season

Remember how Roger Goodell and company were pushing to move some sorry team back to Los Angeles, California, and they said that plans were in place to make it happen by the 2016 season? Yeah, they’re still pushing that.

NFL Week 2 Shockers: Jaguars, Raders & Redskins Win Sunday

Yeah, you read that right. The Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, Washington Redskins, Cleveland Browns, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers all won Sunday.

Robert Griffin III & Trent Richardson’s NFL Futures Fading Rapidly

It’s not looking good for 2nd and 3rd overall picks in the 2012 NFL Draft. Andrew Luck is doing pretty well, but Robert Griffin III and Trent Richardson may be starting at the end of their careers after being benched and cut this week, respectively.

Oakland Raiders 2015 NFL Draft and Offseason Recap

After finishing 3-13 in 2014 and picking in the top five of the NFL Draft for what seems like the tenth year in a row, the Oakland Raiders tried to be go-getters this offseason.

Oakland Raiders Season Recap & 2015 NFL Draft Needs

Despite another top five selection in the NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders had a mediocre season once again. Head coach Dennis Allen entered his third season with the Raiders with an 8-24 overall record

Overpaying Quarterbacks is Pushing Superstars Away…to Oakland Raiders

There is a current trend in the NFL: give the quarterback as much money as possible without worrying about the near future of the franchise. Well, teams that have done this are starting to see the negative side effects of doing so.

San Diego Chargers & Oakland Raiders Team Up For L.A. Stadium

It's rare when you can get two NFL teams to agree on something, but getting them to agree to share one stadium between is pretty rare, especially in a city like Los Angeles where ego is everything in all industries.

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