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WTF? Johnny Manziel Back To Starter For Browns Week 14

How do the boneheads of the NFL stay employed? Why is bad behavior overlooked by management? Just ask Johnny Manziel, who is now back to QB1 status.

Terrelle Pryor Is Mike Pettine’s Security Blanket For Johnny Manziel

The Cleveland Browns may be 2-9 right now and only a few weeks away from earning the first overall pick and firing everyone associated with the organization, but for some people *cough* Mike Pettine *cough* being right is much more important

Despite Mike Pettine’s Best Effort, Johnny Manziel Starting Rest of Browns Season

It’s here—the Johnny Manziel era in Cleveland is finally here! Despite his blatant hatred of Johnny Boy, Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine finally gave into pressure from the fans, the media, the players

Josh McCown Pushes Ahead Of Johnny Manziel For Browns Starting QB

While many in the media were wondering if the Cleveland Browns had placed full faith and credit into Johnny Manziel after the 2015 NFL Draft, head coach Mike Pettine brought everything into reality.

Are Cleveland Browns Trusting Johnny Manziel?

If the Cleveland Browns have basically given up on Johnny Manziel, then they sure had a funny way of showing it when it came draft time. It was only a few weeks ago when NFL insider Chris Mortensen stated that the Browns were "90 percent done" with the troubled Manziel.

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