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Michael Bennett investigation continues without NFL help

Michael Bennett Police Incident Cause an Uproar Around NFL as Details Begin to Emerge

Martellus and Michael Bennett miss out on Super Bowl XLIX rematch

Martellus Bennett ‘Not Upset’ Older Brother Michael Out for Super Bowl XLIX

ESPN proves that Michael and Martellus Bennett don’t care what you think

The Bennett Brothers Hold Nothing Back Jay Cutler, Eli Manning, Other NFL Stars, Advise Emerging Players to Be Themselves

Seattle Seahawks Upset over Kam Chancellor’s Holdout, Michael Bennett a Little Jealous UPDATED

We’re two weeks into the 2015 NFL season and the Seattle Seahawks have the 29th ranked defense in the league.

Dumbest NFL News

Slow news weeks in the NFL produce some weak stories and some dumb comments can make the front page of NFL.com. It’s the middle of summer so there isn’t much going on in the League obviously.

Detroit Lions Season Recap & 2015 NFL Draft Needs

Another disappointing season has come to an end for the Detroit Lions in the Motor City. Despite an 11-5 record and another playoff berth, the Detroit Lions were unable to go anywhere once again, losing in the Wild Card Round to the Dallas Cowboys

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