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Donald Trump doubles down on Confederate statues while Republicans question competence

Donald Trump hates to be backed into a corner, but rather than surrender, tends to double down. He's doing just that now as he tried to pivot the talk of supporting white nationalists to holding on to America's heritage

Racist Normalization isn’t normal

We have become a nation of normalization. That should be our new national motto really. “In normalization we trust.”

‘Escaping the KKK’ gets scrapped from A&E slate after cash controversy

An interesting sounding docu-series dealing with the Ku Klux Klan aka KKK has been cleared from A&E's slate after a cash controversy hit the show.

Anonymous vs ISIS: A Battle Of Wits or Wills?

The hashtag #Daesh alone means that Anonymous means business, as members of ISIS or ISIL consider the term derogatory. Shortly after the Paris attacks, the hacktivist group Anonymous threatened war against ISIS, saying it will shutdown the terrorists’ in cyberspace.

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