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Peyton Manning input helped push Julius Thomas over to Dolphins

Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Called Peyton Manning Before Trading for Julius Thomas. Manning high praise helped unload Thomas much quicker.

5 Fantasy Football Tight Ends to Avoid in 2016

If you don’t have the tight end who enjoys life as much as he does mashing safeties into the turf, then you do not have a sure thing at the position.

Beware Fantasy Football Busts: Tight End Julius Thomas & Running Back Joique Bell

There’s always a few. Toby Gerhart and Jay Cutler would be examples from 2014. No one wants to draft a fantasy bust, but someone has to. Here’s a few potential busts for 2015, so you can try and avoid being that guy.

Which NFL Players Were Winners & Losers in Free Agency?

Every year in free agency we tend to focus on each team and how well they did bringing in new star players for the next season, and sometimes we overlook how the moves will affect the players themselves.

2015 NFL Free Agency Winners & Losers Part 1

NFL free agency is a very quick process. By the end of the first week, all the best players are gone; so if a team doesn’t act fast they’ll almost certainly miss out. Last year the Denver Broncos won free agency by bringing in Demarcus Ware, T.J. Ward, and Aqib Talib in the first week

2015 NFL Free Agent Fury

Forget what you used to know about NFL free agency. Gone, at least for this year, is the normalcy we have been accustomed to in the NFL off season. It has been a free for all so far.

Overpaying Quarterbacks is Pushing Superstars Away…to Oakland Raiders

There is a current trend in the NFL: give the quarterback as much money as possible without worrying about the near future of the franchise. Well, teams that have done this are starting to see the negative side effects of doing so.

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