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Super Bowl 51 ad party pooper with Joe Flacco

We are just days away from the yearly barrage of Super Bowl commercials. When the Falcons suit up to battle the Patriots in Super Bowl 51, they'll be more at stake than a Lombardi Trophy.

Tony Roma and Joe Flacco back on field after last season’s injuries

Last NFL season seemed to be the one with the neverending injuries taking out power players like Tony Romo, Joe Flacco, Jordy Nelson, Terrell Suggs and Cam Wake among many others

Sam Bradford & Kirk Cousins continue grossly overpaid quarterback NFL tradition

Kirk Cousins, Sam Bradford Carry on the Tradition of Grossly Overpaid Quarterbacks

NFL’s Best Quarterback & Running Back Duos of Season 2015

As anyone knows, the best NFL offense needs a great balance along with being in sync with each other and having the perfect quarterback and running back duo can make or break a season.

NFL Wild Card Weekend Recap Pt 1: Whiplashed Steelers & QBless Cards 2015

The Wild Card Weekend got the playoffs rolling with a couple of Saturday games then wrapped up with two more on Sunday. While only one of the four games was a close contest in the end, there were still enough story lines to go around.

2015 NFL Wild Card Weekend Best Matchups: DeMarco Murray vs Ndamukong Suh

It’s the NFL playoffs, so if you’re a hardcore football fan there’s no excuse for not watching every single game. Here are the four matchups (one from each game) that you should keep an eye on

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