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See the Movie, Eat the Meal

Food normally plays a big part in many favorite movies so here's some ideas of couch food you can munch on while watching these top 5 classic films.

George Lucas taking a pass on ‘Indiana Jones 5’

George Lucas Currently Not Involved With ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Story

Harrison Ford taking another ‘Indiana Jones’ spin & Caitlyn Jenner’s Hillary Clinton learning

Legendary actor Harrison Ford is once again showing that age is merely a number, as he takes on the lead role in yet another installment of the action-packed franchise Indiana Jones.

Chris Pratt Proving To Be INDIANA JONES Material For Disney

I think everyone knew after that last Indiana Jones movie, it was pretty much on its last legs, but now that Disney has brought the explorer into the Mouse House, they are reviving him in the form of Chris Pratt who has gotten the attention of Hollywood in the past year.

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