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Miley Cyrus takes over for Ellen and Justin Bieber legal troubles continue

Very rarely does TV show host Ellen DeGeneres ever miss a taping for her show. However, this week she was forced to do so when she realized she was too sick to come into work.

Top 10 Most Disappointing Celebrities of 2015

We are merely days into 2016. Last year was full of some pretty shocking moments in entertainment. While we have seen various celebrities do some incredible things, we have unfortunately also been disappointed by numerous of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

David Beckham Keeps It Sexy & Gavin Rossdale Cheating News

A whole new “NannyGate” scandal has spawned from Gwen Stefani’s divorce from her former husband, Gavin Rossdale. The situation feels very familiar

Kate Hudson Says No to Nick Jonas & Gwen Stefani’s Quick Divorce from Gavin Rossdale

Kicking off this week’s celebrity gossip, Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato announced that they are going on tour together, starting in 2016. Nick declared that he and Demi are now business partners and that they want to grow their careers together.

Kim Kardashian Power For Lamar Odom & Gwen Stefani Over Gavin Rossdal

On Friday, it was revealed that Lamar Odom had made incredible progress in his recovery. Last week, the former NBA star was found unconscious outside a brothel in Las Vegas.

Rihanna Works Parade & Zayn Malik Mystery

In one of the saddest breakups in recent Hollywood history, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are ending their marriage. The couple chose the standard irreconcilable differences excuse for the divorce.

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