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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Why you’re going to love this phablet

Samsung will easily make you forget about the disastrous Galaxy Note 7 with the new Note 8 that is bigger, better and fireproof!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 coming with a hefty price tag

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is impressive, but it comes with a budget breaking price tag but no worry about being a firestarter this time around.

What You Need To Know About Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, and Why You’ll Want It

With the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung will make everyone forget about their very bad year and that pesky Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy S8: What you need to know plus features

Dying to know what's going to be in the Samsung Galaxy S8? We've got the inside track.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bombs

One could think that this article is about the spectacular failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The phone itself is great and many folks still want to keep their units despite recalls and warnings from Samsung.

Galaxy Note 7 costing Samsung billions

Samsung never thought that when it released the Galaxy Note 7 it would wind up costing them billions of dollars while also helping competitor Apple rake in the money on their iPhone 7.

Samsung Getting Ahead of Bad PR

The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is probably the worst thing to happen to Samsung in the company’s history. Despite the issue being limited to that particular unit, it’s unavoidable for consumers to develop trust issues

Blocking torrent sites and Galaxy Note 7 alternatives

Torrent sites are known to be tenacious. It’s difficult to shut them down without constant persecution by the authorities. To ensure their own survival, they have several copies spread out in various domains

Got a Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Here’s what to do with it

Samsung really screwed the pooch on it's Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall causing much confusion among customers. Their failure to coordinate efforts with U.S. safety authorities right away

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